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Judge tells cocaine user he ‘should suffer no more than former Lord Chancellor’

Even the courts are mocking Michael Gove's coke admission

Jun 19 2019 12:10pm

Gove: make it harder to get onto the BPTC

Possible pro bono "levy" on City firms also gets a mention

Nov 17 2016 11:40am

Gove’s Bill of Rights is basically the same as the Human Rights Act, groans House of Lords

Government should shelve grand but pointless nationalist gesture

May 9 2016 7:55am

Gove ditches plan to have City lawyers subsidise courts

City tax was floated to replace cash generated from the controversial court charge ditched last year

Mar 9 2016 11:10am

Michael Gove is lampooned as he gives evidence about impact of proposed British Bill of Rights

He looked like a nervous first year giving a presentation in a public law tutorial

Feb 2 2016 2:09pm

Gove scraps Grayling’s Criminal Courts Charge

Lord Chancellor's move gets thumbs-up from lawyers

Dec 3 2015 12:33pm

Crime legal aid lawyers paying the price for years of fat cat fees, says top silk

Incendiary remarks could divide profession as barristers head to picket lines today in support of solicitors' battle against MoJ rate cuts

Jul 27 2015 1:02pm

Gove calls make-or-break meeting in bid to resolve crime legal aid dispute

Four lawyer lobbying groups will meet Justice Secretary -- but Law Society and Bar Council are in the cold

Jul 22 2015 12:27pm

The Lawyers’ Revolt is spreading

Solicitors and barristers in London, Leeds and Manchester latest to join insurgency

Jun 30 2015 8:33am

Smooth-talking Gove charms lawyers over legal aid reforms and rule of law

Social media commentators almost fall in love with new Justice Secretary, primarily because he’s not Chris Grayling

Jun 23 2015 1:00pm

Gove goes to war with judges over posh digs

In his first battle with legal profession, new Justice Secretary wants to flog mansions and penthouse lodgings for Crown Court judges on the road

Jun 17 2015 3:38pm

Frankie Boyle compares Michael Gove to a ‘tree frog trying to escape from a scrotum’

Comedian goes on the offensive against new Lord Chancellor

Jun 2 2015 11:37am

A letter from Michael Gove: ‘Being Lord of The Chancellors is a really great job’

The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, newly-appointed Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, writes exclusively for Legal Cheek (aided only slightly by Wigapedia)

May 22 2015 10:19am

New Lord Chancellor Michael Gove quotes Lord Denning as he is sworn in at the RCJ

“Be you ever so high, the law is above you"

May 19 2015 3:18pm