‘Jeoffrey’ commits multiple torts against Catelyn and Sansa in Game of Thrones-inspired law exam

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Legal academics at Sheffield University in exam homage to hit show


First year law students at Sheffield University have been treated to a Game of Thrones-inspired law exam in which ‘Jeoffrey’ commits multiple torts against ‘Catelyn’ and ‘Sansa’.

Fans of the hit show will of course recognise the trio of characters, despite the slightly modified spelling of the former’s name, as Joffrey Baratheon and Catelyn and Sansa Stark.

In the tort paper — which was sat on Monday last week and is reproduced in full below — Jeoffrey is assigned the role of pet farm owner whose expanding business brings chaos to the lives of neighbour Catelyn and her law student daughter, Sansa. They are looking to sue him for nuisance.

Among other things, Jeoffrey — whose tyrannical reign as king forms a key part of Game of Thrones seasons two and three — obscures Catelyn’s view with the erection of a cafĂ©, interrupts Sansa’s revision and smells out the pair’s house with pig fumes.


The same exam also featured an occupiers’ liability question on Harry Potter (pictured below).


Hat tip to The Tab Sheffield.


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Sheffield Hallam’s land law coursework was also GoT themed this year. Uni of Sheffield one step behind as always.



Problem questions for coursework? Wow.






Cambridge’s Land law exam had a Strictly Come Dancing themed question on adverse possession, a mixed topic problem question (trusts, leases and a fraudulent conveyance) with an Apprentice theme, a Great British Bake Off themed question about mortgages and a Downton Abbey themed question about leases and easements. The Family Law exam also had a Mean Girls themed question about assisted reproduction. Quite a year…



What are the potential legal liabilities raised by this scenario? Hmm, copyright infringement perhaps? Would love to know if anyone managed to get ‘winter is coming’ into their tort answer.


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