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City grad recruiters slam academic’s claim that law firm diversity schemes are just for show

Dr Louise Ashley says schemes offer only 'illusion of change', but new entry level hiring practices tell a different story

Mar 7 2023 8:43am

Top law professors pen letter in support of academic freedom

Intervention follows student protests targeting philosophy prof Kathleen Stock

Oct 22 2021 12:55pm

Male solicitors four times more likely to appear before disciplinary tribunal

Despite fairly even gender split in profession

Jul 27 2021 11:49am

Smarts contracts, data and big tech: How digitalisation is transforming the law

Dr Mateja Durovic, reader of contract and commercial law at King’s College London, explains how digitalisation is uprooting existing legal frameworks

May 27 2021 11:03am

ULaw appoints director of equality, diversity and inclusion

Patrick Johnson joins the law school’s executive board

Mar 3 2021 9:33am

Legal experts highlight need for reform as Queen’s ‘anti-democratic’ vetting powers come to light

Over 1,000 laws needed Her Majesty's consent as result of archaic constitutional rule

Feb 12 2021 10:55am

Jedward yes, Trump no: Who would the UK’s leading law profs nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Believe it or not, legal academics are among the global elite allowed to put in Peace Prize nominations

Feb 1 2021 11:42am

Meet the lawyers deciding Trump’s Facebook fate

Social media giant's Oversight Board is stuffed with legal experts

Jan 26 2021 9:22am

Make fake news a crime, Exeter Uni law profs suggest

Academics warn against 'worshipping freedom of expression' in an age of digital disinformation

Jan 25 2021 11:04am

Oxford University lays out blueprint for training future lawyers in the tech age

Skills gaps must be filled to meet client demand for tech-enhanced legal services, say academics

May 18 2020 12:30pm

How Manchester Law School is helping to bring about a new industrial revolution in legal services

For Professor Andrew Francis the SQE is just one part of a much bigger story

Jan 29 2020 1:31pm

Law professor who specialises in money laundering arrested for alleged money laundering

Miami Uni academic Bruce Bagley accused of helping to launder £2.3 million

Nov 20 2019 10:08am

Ex-Pinsent Masons partner appointed dean of Aston Law School

Bad news for career legal academics?

Sep 27 2019 1:12pm

Law professor pens self-help book on how to do less tedious life admin

Turn yourself into a 'super doer', says Columbia Law School's Elizabeth Emens

Feb 6 2019 8:50am

Reading University law lecturer’s office door ‘covered in urine’ after transgender-rights debate

Professor Rosa Freedman fears for safety after raising concerns over proposed changes to Gender Recognition Act

Dec 6 2018 12:51pm

Law tutors reveal why they pick on students for answers

Cold-calling phenomenon is terrifying but well-intentioned

Nov 14 2017 9:04am

‘Fake law’: Professor debunks claims EU legally bound to punish Spain for Catalan violence

Nearly 40,000 retweets for #SpainOutOfEU call, but lawyer says Europe constrained to stay out of these disputes

Oct 2 2017 1:17pm