15 legal GIFs that every law student can instantly relate to

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By Thomas Connelly on

The most-liked law GIFs on Facebook


What better way to express the pain of studying law than through the medium of animated GIFs?

1. When people ask me why I don’t have a training contract yet

2. When your EU law lecturer asks if you understand

3. When you first heard the case of R v Brown

4. When you spot someone quoting the law incorrectly on social media

5. When someone asks for extra paper 30 minutes into the exam

6. When your land law lecturer explains why the easement is enforceable

7. As soon as you attempt to revise equity & trusts

8. When you overhear a geography student complaining about their workload

9. When non-law students post a Facebook status about all the fun things they are up to

10. When you read a training contract application response letter and get to the part that says “unfortunately”

11. Opening the exam paper and realising you don’t know any law

12. Leaving the law library after a particularly tough day

13. Checking your exam results online

14. When you completely guess the case law name in a seminar and get it right

15. When you finally graduate and realise you have to find a job

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