A young advocate’s guide to the courtroom, featuring Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’

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By Alex Aldridge on

Your Honour, are you OK?


Not sure what to do with all the free time suddenly foisted on him, Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) graduate Munawar Sheikh has compiled a helpful courtroom guide that blends traditional advocacy methodology with insights from Michael Jackson’s 1987 hit Smooth Criminal.

The young advocate enters court

With the opening statement concluded, it’s time for a robust cross-examination

While on his or her feet, it’s desirable for the young advocate to show a certain swagger

To overcome setbacks, it’s crucial to have a well-rehearsed legal team

A tilt of an advocate’s headgear is a neat way to disorientate an opponent

A modicum of triumphalism on the achievement of a positive result is part of parcel of courtroom life

Bowing, while maintaining an upright posture, signals an optimum level of respect for the judicial process