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Shaun the Sheep is now a member of England’s esteemed judiciary


Wallace & Gromit spinoff Shaun the Sheep appears to go by the new title, Justice Lamb.

Shaun — resplendent in red judicial robes, wig and bifocals — was spotted by Instagram user law_walks. His honour can be found grazing around the Bristol streets, presumably because the Ministry of Justice has closed his court owing to budget constraints.


The charity behind the project, Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation, is showcasing 120 giant Shaun the Sheep sculptures that have been created by artists, designers and celebrities.

Lamb was even paid a visit by the head of Bristol’s St John’s Chambers, Susan Hunter, who seemed to take the encounter very seriously. The multi-practice set sponsored the artwork, which was designed by artist Mike Ogden.

According to the foundation’s website, all 120 Shaun sculptures will be auctioned later this year. Legal Cheek anticipates law firms and chambers will be dusting off their chequebooks as they bid to provide Justice Lamb with a permanent home.