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From ‘Legal Cheek hit with take-down notice over barrister and sheep picture’

Well someone wants for charm …

Not Amused — July 28, 4:12pm (36 likes — at time of publication)

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From ‘#LawyerSchmovies: 13 top movie titles improved by references to the law’

Lord justice Forrest gump
Mr justice bean
Hhj rain man
The godfather qc
District judge the Simpsons movie.

Horticulture — July 28, 3:09pm (14 dislikes — at time of publication)



From ‘Crime legal aid lawyers paying the price for years of fat cat fees, says top silk’

Wrong twice you say? Let’s see … Taking a lot of pupils was a stupid move. That stupidity was foreseeable to anyone who cared to think about it. That it was done under some sort of belief that destroying an industry somehow improves diversity is all the proof one needs that the left is utterly incompetent. How diverse is the criminal bar now that only those with private money can join it? …. continue reading

Not Amused– July 27, 5:30pm (296 words)

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From ‘Last-minute training contract applications are a waste of time’

I applied for most of my applications in June, and a few more this July. I understand the principle of recruiting on a rolling basis, but I do find it deceitful that firms have a cut-off date of 31 July but will not review applications submitted by the deadline just because they are late. A lot of firms say they review all applications after the deadline – will be interesting to see if this is true, or another sly tactic.

Hopeful — July 30, 1:26pm



From ‘‘My Family’ actor with drugs record bids to be human rights barrister’

Doughty Street here we come!

Anonymous — 29 July, 1:36pm



Quite how the incredibly bland comment ‘Well someone wants for charm’ can top the charts has to be one of life’s great mysteries.
Are you quite sure it’s not all Not Amused’s own thumbs ??


Not Amused

It’s not my best work, I grant you.



Admirably honest.
Although it looks suspiciously like you gave me the thumbs down.


Not Amused

I never liked the rating system for precisely that reason – most good lawyers are paranoid.



A damning with faint praise masterclass.


UCL Law Grad

Appalling. The most disliked comment is by far the funniest posted this week. Shame on you all.



Er no, it wasn’t funny. That rating is spot on.



Well you should have voted for it then.
It is spot on as it is a) lazy and b) unfunny.
HHJ See What I Mean QC



You obvs didn’t get it. Tragic



Along with seemingly everyone else.
You had better explain it.
HHJ Please QC

MC Trainee

I’m sure there will be one week when all of the selected comments are by Not Amused.



Still waiting for that week.


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