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To highlight the breadth and tone of the conversation going on around Legal Cheek‘s articles, the editor is launching this weekly round-up of selected readers’ comments.

And indeed, the first two categories — Most Liked and Most Disliked — are in fact chosen by the readership itself through the miracle of our online like and dislike buttons.

Most liked


From ‘Anger and confusion as hundreds of students unexpectedly fail the BPTC ethics module’

The most surprising thing about this, frankly, is the fact that the continued uselessness of the BPTC and everything associated with it is still considered newsworthy. The course, including the centrally set exams, is an appalling farce. And BPP’s response is pretty shameful too. If there’s a possibility of litigation with a reasonable prospect of success then they should fund it out of their enormous, ill-gotten profits.

SodsLaw — July 13, 12:32pm (38 likes — at time of publication)

Most disliked


From ‘Anger and confusion as hundreds of students unexpectedly fail the BPTC ethics module’

I’m afraid I have little sympathy for these BPP students. The ethics exam was difficult and so it should be. The BPTC should be a hard course to pass and incredibly hard to get top marks. I attended at Northumbria University sat the exam this year and got 84% and many of my colleagues did similarly well if not better. It’s about the quality of teaching and hard work. BPP is only making such a fuss because it’s pride it hurt.

Anonymous — July 13, 1.06pm (34 dislikes — at time of publication)



From ‘Anger and confusion as hundreds of students unexpectedly fail the BPTC ethics module’

I should declare an interest as someone who has passed. I can understand that it is upsetting to fail the module; and that it may seem particularly egregious that the failure rate is so high. If I put myself in that position, I would be unable to start pupillage this September; all because of a fail in one part of Professional Ethics… continue reading

Chancerypupil — July 15, 3:01pm (662 words)

Editor’s choice


From ‘Oi lawyers — do more free work, demands think tank’

It is terribly strange how the law is the only profession expected to work for free. You never hear of a school teacher being asked to teach for free, or a surgeon expected to hack off limbs gratis. But I suppose we are all fat cats and can bear it.

Quo Vadis — July 15, 3:49pm



From ‘From Arts students work harder than law students, stats reveal’

There are outfits in the UK that pay for this kind of ridiculous quantity = quality nonsense – damn, looks like I lucked out on the country lottery.

Per_incuriam — 14 July, 12:39pm