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From Solicitors Regulation Authority says sorry to Lord Harley for ‘causing distress’

Thank you for your support, dear SRA Rep. I trust that LEGAL CHEEK, an ODIOUS example of GUTTER JOURNALISM will be smitten from the surface of the Earth and reduced to the ash heap of history where it belongs… (continue reading)

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Harley Davidson KGCSt.J. DPhil. MA MLit LLM LLB MBA BBQ ROFL DTF DAFUQ — August 24, 1:01pm (42 likes at time of publication)

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From Solicitors Regulation Authority says sorry to Lord Harley for ‘causing distress’

Perhaps the online bullying from the Legal Cheek team will stop now.

SRA Rep — August 24, 12:40pm (57 dislikes at time of publication)



From The Judge Rules: Bye-bye LPC and training contract, hello unified bar exam

What a great idea, flood the market with solicitors, who have had zero practical training on the job, and grant unto us an American-style free-for-all. The one great strength of the LPC-TC system is that anyone completing their TC will hit the ground running when it comes to, you know, actually working as a solicitor — I couldn’t imagine coming to my new firm on the first day not having already done my TC elsewhere and at least knowing what my job actually entails. It also works as an organic filter on the amount of solicitors qualifying, regulated by market forces to prevent even more of an oversupply to the profession… (continue reading)

Kuzka’s Mother — August 28, 10:51am (240 words)

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From From the magic circle dream to ‘a grim reality of being over-worked, under-valued and unhappy’

SHOCKA!! Read all about it: Lawyer sells soul for good salary and isn’t happy as a result.

Anonymous — August 28, 6:55am



From August picture caption competition

This picture shows a flashy, unnecessary and expensive feature of modern London. And the Shard.

Dave — August 27, 5:14pm