US judge receives sexy courtroom send-off with handcuffs and whip

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By Thomas Connelly on

Retirement party interrupted by scantily clad singing telegram dressed as a police officer


Judicial sendoffs are usually reserved affairs. For members of the judiciary this side of the pond, a third glass of brandy might be as raucous as things get before a life on the golf course beckons.

Over in the US, however, it appears they like to leave the bench with a bang.

Last week, Judge Richard Kramer (pictured below) — who sits on the San Francisco Superior Court bench — was having a courtroom celebration of both his birthday and forthcoming retirement. According to the website of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, SFGATE, Kramer — who was appointed to the bench in 1996 — was enjoying a quiet afternoon of tea and cake with members of staff.


But suddenly, according to the website, everything went a little stag-do in Blackpool. According to sources present in the courtroom, a scantily clad ‘officer of the law’ arrived at the doors.

The female rozzer — who was apparently brandishing a Confederate flag on her uniform (a controversial symbol that should have rung alarm bells) — was in fact a singing telegram. According to the San Francisco news outlet, the buxom blonde handcuffed Kramer and allowed the retiring judge to play with her whip, while she serenaded him before what was undoubtedly a baffled audience.

Apparently a couple of staffers were responsible for the booking, but weren’t aware of the sexual nature of the performance and it wasn’t long before the powers that be got wind of the incident.

According to the report, Presiding Judge Teri Jackson sent a gentle warning — without naming Kramer — to around 50 of the court’s judges reminding them that they must “maintain the highest standards of integrity and dignity” inside their courtrooms.

Superior Court spokeswoman Ann Donlan told SFGATE:

After becoming aware of the complaints from several employees who attended a July 23 retirement celebration for a judge organised by members of his staff, the court’s human resources director began an immediate review of the facts.

She added:

The court already has taken steps to ensure the integrity and dignity of the courtroom are maintained; public resources are used properly; and employees are not exposed to anything that could be considered inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

Kramer, who had been celebrating his 68th birthday the day before the incident, will retire next month. Reports of a topless fireman loitering outside London’s Royal Courts of Justice are yet to be confirmed.