Law student newbies shed public tears of joy on A-level day

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Exam results bring forth a host of fresh-faced excitable new law students. Social media was awash this morning with emotional teens celebrating their upgraded status

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Many students took to Twitter to confirm they were officially law students

Others were keen to let people know were they would be studying next month

One cried tears of sadness joy

Others had their make-up ruined with the news

Some were already questioning their decision

Proud mothers got in on the celebrations

One student kept it brief

Another f***** lost it with excitement

Others were so overwhelmed they forgot how construct sentences

There had to be an obligatory ‘selfie’


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Finally, one law student seemed surprised with today’s results

So to all those studying law this September…



SullCrom Swag

Loooool, University of Greenwich, Kent and Reading. Top law schools right there!

You’ll realise their qualities in two years when you’re looking for TCs, darlings!


Not Amused

Either go back to RoF or go back under a bridge you obvious troll.


Ganga River

Someone’s chippy, eh NA?



SullCrom Swag, that is the funniest comment I’ve read in a very long time.

I just cannot stop laughing: it’s so true. πŸ™‚ “it’s a “yes” from me”; “thumbs up”, and “I’m in” from me….

I’ve been to those places, to attend court.



Kent and Reading are OK. I don’t think attending them will totally preclude gaining a TC, and aren’t most MC firms going CV-blind these days?



Yeah, right up until they ask which university you went to in the interview.



Just CC which is the least prestigious MC firm. Besides CC is still stuffed full of Oxbridge grads. At the highest levels of law university matters.






Sound bitter. I went to one of the unis mentioned and got a TC at a MC Firm. You just have to differentiate yourself.



Congratulations to them all for achieving their goals. Sadly a very rude and painful awakening may be coming down the track. Good luck.



I can’t be the only person irked by the abuse of the word ‘officially’ here.



Exactly. They won’t be officially a student until they have enrolled at the institution.

No doubt they will retract their tweets after studying the rudiments of contract law!!!


Mr Whemmick

I’m afraid some of these youngsters look to be wholly inappropriate characters to be part of our learned profession…

What the feck has happened to their standard of English…?



You are not alone Anonymous: what on earth does officially mean there?

Hear! Hear! Mr. Whemmick! Perhaps it’s a realisation that whilst they are now “officially” students of law, they will, officially, never get to practice it?



Ahhh so niave haha poor poor people lol



Above comments seem to be based on the assumption that studying law = intention to practise law.

I know many of my fellow law students were never interested in becoming solicitors/barristers and have followed other careers where university snobbery isn’t so rife.


Not Amused

It is not snobbery to value academic achievement. It is not snobbery to value sporting success or artistic ability.

Famous artists and world class sprinters do not attract the same level of derision that the academically successful see directed at them on a daily basis. By all means go off in to other professions or business, where academic success is less important – there are many. Just as there are many ways to be successful in life without running really fast or creating beautiful pottery. But it is cheap, mean and lazy to pretend that anyone who does value or require academic success is a “snob”.


Balderdash Esq.

You snob……….



I never said that university snobbery was a bad thing. Perhaps I don’t take that word as seriously as you do, NA.

My comment was only intended to point out that the university you attend matters more in the legal profession than others. Comments such as SullCrom Swag’s are based on the assumption that all law students are desperate for a Magic Circle TC (they aren’t).



Hopefully they won’t be looking for a career in Privacy.


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