Bagging a training contract: how it looks

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It’s a bit like signing for Real Madrid, only you do it in your kitchen

Thanks to London law student Instagrammer “zander1” for showing the world what becoming a trainee solicitor looks like.

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Congratulations to all the hard-bitten wannabe lawyers who after slaving through dozens of horrendous application forms — while simultaneously mastering promissory estoppel and other delightful legal concepts — have bagged TCs over the last few days!

And to those who were unsuccessful, don’t worry, there are other options…



I signed mine in the living room, wrapped up in my dressing gown, watching X factor and drinking a hot mug of horlicks.



I spilt a bit of beer on mine, rolled it up and used it to sniff a line of coke with, then finally used a quill and a drop blood to sign it; and then, finally, sealed the envelope with sealing wax and a lit cigar.


Bolivar Bellicoso Habana

This is glorious, I salute you sire.



I said finally twice which ruined this whole thing.


Salmon Act 1986, s.32

I have no recollection of signing the actual paperwork. However, I do recall an excruciating conversation with the HR lady who called to tell me I’d got in.

Her: [In an exceedingly chirpy voice] Hi, this is [instantly forgettable HR lady], calling from [“Firm A”]. I have great news! We would like to offer you a training contract! An offer letter is in the post!
Me: … [It’s 10am and I normally wouldn’t be up for another couple of hours, so my brain is still booting up at this point]… Great.
[Awkward pause.]
Her: … Uhh…
Me: … Thanks?
Her: … Sorry, it’s just that people usually sound more excited…
Me: Right. Sorry. Super excited.
Her: … umm, OK.
Me: No, really, I’m very excited. Can’t wait to start at [“Firm B”].
[Longer awkward pause.]
Her: You do mean [“Firm A”], right?
[Even longer awkward pause.]
Me: …Yes. Sorry.
[A further, seemingly interminable pause as we each reflect on the fact that, by this point, the situation is beyond rescue. She (justifiably) thinks I’m an idiot. But, mercifully, she has no real power, and lacks the authority to retract the offer letter.]
Her: [Gamely trying to make a fist of it] OK, well, we look forward to seeing you at our next event at [the University I was attending at the time].
Me: That sounds great. [Making mental note to avoid said event at all costs.]
Her: [Hangs up.]


Future Trainee

Zander seems to have deleted his account.. How amazing/incriminating was this pic?



Yeah, Jack (one of my mentees) wasn’t happy about the publicity, apparently too many dickpics started arriving in his inbox.


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