Category: Pics

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Policemen on stilts and lots and lots of dogs

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15 great photos of dogs dressed as lawyers

Dog lawyers is even more of a thing than cat lawyers

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Pre-diversity era Freshfields graduate recruitment ad dredged up by law mag

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12 delightful photos of cats behaving like lawyers

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Magic circle firm Linklaters reveals what staff parties were like over 100 years ago

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This week Legal Cheek hit 3,000 Instagram followers. To say thank you, we count down our top 20 most liked Instagram posts

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Lawyers: a car park comparison

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September picture caption competition

Escaping corporate law

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Law students are creating some of the world’s most boring iPhone camera rolls

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Bagging a training contract: how it looks

It's a bit like signing for Real Madrid, only you do it in your kitchen

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Royal Courts of Justice chiefs in security crackdown to beat terror threat

But crisis looms over fire extinguisher shortfall

Jul 2 2015 9:45am

Lawyer gets lawyered

Contract drafted by lawyer's child goes viral

May 14 2015 5:56pm

This is what one chambers’ haul of pupillage applications looks like

A 40-member set in the Temple is swamped with pleas from wannabe barristers -- and it won’t be the only one

May 12 2015 5:35pm