BPP dean embraces thug life

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Straight outta law school

BPP Law School has revealed a previously unseen side to their head honcho, Peter Crisp.

In a tweet posted earlier today to promote the law school’s clothing line, BPP featured Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) student Jack O’Neil posing alongside top dog Crisp in matching hoodies.

Embracing his inner gangster, Crisp — a former Chancery barrister who has been the dean of the law school for over 18 years — can be seen with his hood up staring into the camera.

Legal Cheek couldn’t resist running the photograph of the legal education stalwart through the “Straight Outta Compton” image generator.


The online tool is a promotional gimmick to coincide with the release of film “Straight Outta Compton.” The movie, which documents the rise to fame of American rap group N.W.A., hit UK cinema screens two weeks ago.

Gangsters aside, the vibrant blue hoodies are a marked improvement on the infamous BPP baseball jacket that was spotted outside the Holborn branch of the law school last year.





Dr Bonham

What a moron. He looks like a chav.



Are you looking in the mirror again at some nasty little hater with nothing better to do in their little life than be mean?



You’re right, he doesn’t look like a chav. He rather looks like a prepubescent, shrivelled-up little ballsack, safely tucked into a pair of cotton boxer shorts, the utter shyte.



Very few Deans have such style! Loving it!


Pug Lyfe

You’ve managed to speak about yourself in third person, congratulations there Peter! Keep up the excellent work!


Vox Populi

What an utter prat. I’m sure it’s easy to pull a rotten grin like he does when you’re making wads of cash by peddling worthless degrees and diplomas to desperate kids.

They should put shysters like him behind bars.



Your nasty comment is a waste of the space it occupies – do some research before you open your mouth kid.


Equity House Earl

Oh hi there Peter, it’s lovely of you to join us here. Please do feel free to sell your worthless degrees, putting more and more kids into lovely, joyous debt.

“Look at me, I ordered some baby blue hoodies to give my ‘university’ an air of legitimacy!”



Sorry, could you explain a little more of how the degrees and diplomas are worthless? What is the difference between a BPP LLB and another university’s LLB? Just interested.


Crisp of Personality

>Type in ‘LLB course rankings UK’
>Search for BPP Law School in said rankings
>Find absolutely no trace of BPP
>Scratch your head
>Email BPP
>Decline their worthless toiletpaper-LLB offer
>Live debt free and happy / enroll at a real university

Just make sure you follow these steps bro, danger lurks in shyster pits like BPP/ULaw.



Very funny – nice to see a sense of humour from the old boy! cheers to that 🙂


Emperor Crisp

Loving the local sycophantic comments, praising the mighty Crisp. Hoping for a meagre pay rise if you kowtow enough are we?



comments were anonymous – so how do you get a pay rise from that – donkey! so many thickos commenting on this troll site? maybe i’m one of them now?



I respect his swag.

Very much in the Heisenberg category.


Crisp of Personality

Please do continue to praise the Deanissimo – you can only polish a turd for so long.


BPP Saddo

About time they had some corny merchandise. I hope it’s nice and absorbent to help mop up the tears shed by ex-BPP students of which I am soon to become one.


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