BPP Law School in gavel shocker

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Lawyers, look away now — the latest misuse of the auctioneer’s hammer is from an institution that should really know better


Aspiring barristers starting at BPP Law School this week will doubtless have spotted the massive gavel on the front cover of their course materials.

Despite Legal Cheek’s tireless reporting on gavel misuse — even inspiring a Twitter account dedicated to the problem — BPP has opted to stick the American courtroom prop (that isn’t used in England & Wales) on their 2015 advocacy manual.

BPP now joins the gavel hall of shame, alongside esteemed members including Counsel Magazine, The Law Society, Staffordshire University and Bedfordshire University.

This afternoon the law school’s dean, Peter Crisp, indicated to Legal Cheek that disciplinary action had already been taken following the howler, commenting:

This is quite appalling and as punishment our Design Studio staff have been made to write out 100 times ‘English courts have never used gavels’.


Barry v Davies

Heh, well what else can you expect from such a shyster cesspit like BPP?

I do hope they add the gavel on some of those baby-blue university hoodies they recently released – that pinhead Crisp would look smashing in those no doubt.


The Rt. Hon. 7th Baron Col. Prof. Lampcock, BA LLB LLM BBC uMAD PhalUS, DSC and Bar

Barabarians! Huns, visigoths, vandals!

That the noblest calling is represented thusly would fill me with quaking indignance were I not convinced of its poignancy.

The image is clearly an incisive commentary on the ‘auctioning-off’ of the futures of hopeful barristers to the lip-smacking and clammy-handed course providers. Their slimy antics devalue those qualifications and marks of standing rightfully awarded to the most deserving of persons.

Be in no doubt that I shall be composing a forceful and direct letter, so stirred am I by this fresh and dignified call for attention towards the hellish developments in our time.

Yours very indignantly,

The Rt. Hon. 7th Baron Col. Prof. Lampcock, BA LLB LLM BBC uMAD PhalUS, DSC and Bar


Dr Thickdong, Seventh Duke of Broadschlong, OBE, AO, MBA, PhD, LLB, UWot, FFS, FaqU

Why what a pungent, fitting comment! Good day to you Sire!



What a bunch of bumders



BPP’s been putting a picture of a gavel on the front of the advocacy manual for years.






Errrr, we haven’t received our advocacy manuals yet. Not sure whether that’s better or worse than putting a gavel on the front of supposed manual.



Quit moaning!


BPP Advocacy Advocate

It’s what’s on the inside that matters – love that manual – couldn’t give 2 hoots what’s on the bloody cover.


The Famous Eccles

Free gavel with every BBP course?

ICSL don’t stand a chance!


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