Charlotte Proudman: Solicitor asked me for bikini photo in exchange for work experience

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LinkedIn sexism row barrister also says her leg was inappropriately “rubbed” during mini-pupillage


Charlotte Proudman has revealed two shocking prior incidents that contributed to her decision to tweet a “sexist” LinkedIn message from a law firm partner.

Appearing on Channel 4 News last night, Proudman — who has become a household name since her explosive tweet of a screenshot of Alexander Carter-Silk’s message last week — told an incredible story about a solicitor who asked her for a bikini photo in exchange for work experience. She recounted:

When I was at university I sought legal experience in a solicitors’ firm, and I was asked by this solicitor to send in a bikini shot of myself before the solicitor would even consider giving me experience. When I asked whether that was a joke, it was laughed off and said ‘who knows?’.

Proudman, whose undergraduate degree is from Keele University in Staffordshire, went on to tell another story about a barrister who felt up her leg during a mini-pupillage. She recalled:

The second instance of sexism in my experience, again when I was between the age of 18 and 19, was with a barrister in a taxi on the way to court — again, another form of work experience. And the barrister in the taxi put his hand on my leg and began to rub it up and down.

Given the Mansfield Chambers junior’s willingness to out Carter-Silk, the lawyers she referenced must be feeling rather uneasy right now…

Since those incidents Proudman said she has “continued to face sexism, but thankfully nothing physical”.

During the interview, the family law barrister, who is currently working on a PhD in political sociology at Cambridge University, also demanded that Carter-Silk, the head of European IP at Brown Rudnick, issue a further, more substantive apology for his LinkedIn message (which, in case you had forgotten, complimented Proudman on her “stunning” profile photo). This is what she said:

The apology I received was an apology for the offense that I had taken, there was no apology for the message itself and no acknowledgment that the message that was sent to me was sexist and highly inappropriate in a professional context.

In response to this, Brown Rudnick has issued a further statement on the matter:

My Carter-Silk and the firm have promptly and sincerely apologised to Ms Proudman. We have also assured Ms Proudman that we are committed to gender equality and do not condone any words or actions that depart from that principle.

Watch Charlotte Proudman’s full Channel 4 News interview below:



She’s a vile narcissist/borderline personality.



What you basing the ol diagnosis on?



Why is this being beamed from her local sailing club?



Why doesn’t she speak with her real accent? Seems really strangled.



Apologies, just realised Charlotte will think that my use of “strangled” was threatening and sexist. Charlotte, that is not the case.


The Edge

Proudman and Corbyn and Geldoff and that large one from Kids Company, they’re like fake-virtuous demons from the inner ring of Hell.



Oi! Leave Corbyn outta this!



Feminism, and the fight against sexism, has no worse standard bearer than Charlotte Proudman.

She has somehow taken an issue that she was right about (the old solicitor did send her a stupid, stupid message which should never have been sent) and begun turning everyone against her.

I’d hate to be her client if she has that uncanny knack.



I think I speak for a cross section of the population, male and female when I say- please, please shut the f–k up. You’re doing a huge amount of damage…

I suspected it when the story first broke,
I strongly suspected it when I read she went to Keale.
After this diatrybe its now beyond all reasonable doubt…

She’s a total moron. Worse, a total moron who is being given a soapbox, and doesn’t realise that it’s being provided so the majority can laugh at her.









Keele isn’t bad for law. I’d say coming above Russell Groupers (Southampton and Sheffield) in the Times rankings isn’t a bad place to be. Also got ranked 151-200 in world ‘elite’ law schools in 2014. Maybe you should do some research before making such an ignorant comment.


Coolidge College

Loooool, get a load of this khunt


Mr B J Mann

You are head of Keele Admissions and claim my £5!






Sometimes I think about ending it all and I’m in a weird relationship with a hot man who uses me for sex.

Let’s talk about me for a while.


Miss Hoolie

‘Sup hun? x



It’s never her fault,
It’s never her fau-au-ault,
Always the victim, it’s never her fault.



Strikes of double standardsided at best or barefaced lies at worst that she would publicly name someone who paid her an inappropriate comment but not name a solicitor who sexuality harassed her and a barrister who physically sexuality assaulted her.



Standards* correcting my own bad typing



Somewhere a village is missing an idiot.



Proudman’s fame clock:

14 minutes and 59 seconds.



You know the bit in Barbarella when there’s an attack of horrid little biting dolls, this is exactly what Proudman is like.


Richard Keys

I would smash her.






At the rate she’s digging this hole we’d better warn the Aussies she’s on her way, and we don’t want her back.



So what we are to understand is that she stands behind her decision to disclose someone’s identity for sending a private message that used an inappropriate tone (as part of a grand ideological battle against rampant sexism in the industry), but defends the anonymity of people who made outright lewd requests and sexually assaulted her?



I have experienced sex pest type harassment at my office at the moment….its horrible ….. and I’m not classically pretty / flirty / asking for it……bit of a tomboy in fact….I’m just in the wrong place at the wrong time caught in a Web. …….its beyond depressing / not fun ……no one in the office speaks out against it cos principles don’t pay bills…..

I’m handing in my notice in 2 weeks….cannot wait

So, reluctantly, cos I do think she’s a bit of a div for how she’s gone about things….but thank you Charlotte proudman …For doing the heavy lifting on this one….


Mr B J Mann

Man up mate and don’t let her get away with it.

I’ve had my balls groped quite a few times, though admittedly never at work, and not always by women…..

But now I come to think of it, I have been groped at work!


Booty LJ

So the lesson here is that sending bikini pics and/or nudes gets you work experience placements?



A woman who is sexually molested by a colleague almost never has sufficient evidence that would satisfy any legal standard of proof of their molester’s guilt – it would be her word against his, and that’s what the offenders rely on. A jury of Legal Cheek readers would burn the witch.



And that is a tragedy, but in this case we have the proof and the consensus is resoundingly that the offence wasn’t severe enough to warrant the cruel and unnecessary response she gave. It’s only natural that people would then find it hard to believe the claims she later made against different people.



I’ve been sending grainy photographs of my testicles to firms for many years with almost no success whatsoever.



Carter-Silk claims he was just admiring the quality of the photograph, so the graininess is clearly the issue. Do the same thing but with a higher resolution camera and the job offers will come rolling in.



Legitimately better advice than anything from the law school’s career service



Are you a woman? If so it’s probably due to sexism.


Proud Woman

What a load of bullshit – it’s acceptable to make sexist comments against men in one situation but not against a woman in another. She’s really talking out of her arse and I don’t think that interview has done her any favours. Rehearsed, wooden, lifeless, un-stunning.



Neither comment was sexist. Expressing that an individual is attractive does not indicate a hatred or fear of an entire sex.



What a way to completely ignore context.



Look at me. Don’t look at me.


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