Law students are creating some of the world’s most boring iPhone camera rolls

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By Thomas Connelly on

Mobile-photo albums are a treasure-trove of fond memories — unless you’re studying law


In order to circumvent the problems raised by those annoying lecturers who refuse to place a copy of their lecture slides online — which is a particular problem among fusty legal academics, Legal Cheek understands — law students are snapping photographs of PowerPoint displays using their mobile phones.

In the process, they are creating some of the world’s most boring iPhone camera rolls.

While most individuals’ mobile devices hold precious images of holidays, loved ones and special moments, those belonging to wannabe lawyers are chock-full of tedious lecture slides and notes.

In part this is thanks to a general reluctance of law lecturers to move with the times, with reports reaching us of a number of Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) academics who refuse to make their slides available online for fear that students won’t concentrate in lectures. But it’s also a symptom of the huge amount of information which law students are bombarded with relative to your average chancer studying geography.

And law students’ embracing of technology to foster innovation doesn’t stop there.

One Birmingham University LLBer revealed on Legal Cheek’s Facebook page last week that she has adopted the same photo method when writing an essay (pictured below).


Taking photographs of sections of the textbook she wishes to reference, the savvy student can then can refer to them at her convenience, without having to even check a book out of the library.