The University of Law seems to think the former Soviet Union still exists

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Looking to study the LPC? Still view yourself as a citizen of a dissolved communist superstate? Then ULaw has you covered


Despite the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) not having existed for nearly 24 years, the University of Law (ULaw) isn’t ruling out the former communist superstate’s wannabe lawyer ex-citizens.

Looking to cover all historical bases, the largest legal education provider in Europe — which is in growth mode, preparing to launch in Scotland while also eyeing the business degree market — has included the Soviet Union as a “country of domicile” option when aspiring lawyers apply for its full time Legal Practice Course (LPC).

The screenshot (below) shows the drop-down box and the USSR choice that is available to those applying to study at ULaw’s Moorgate branch.


In December 1991 the then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev resigned and the USSR quickly disintegrated into fifteen separate countries.

Just as well ULaw doesn’t teach history.

Legal Cheek understands that the error has been rectified.



What a really terrific scoop.



Hot Off The Fookin Press!!

Tom’s mum should be proud.


The Pulitzer Prize Committee

Our work for the year is complete – put down your pens everyone, we have a winner!


Common Sense

You know there are still people alive who were born in the Soviet Union, right?


General Zhukov

Yes but they’re not still domiciled there, which is what the form asks.


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People need to lighten up. This isn’t breaking news, sure, but it’s a funny little article and it’s written well. Not everything that Legal *Cheek* does has to be hard-line investigative journalism.



Pipe down, Alex.



Also you can enter your name as Donald Duck or Ronald Reagan and they did absolutely nothing to prevent you applying for a course as a cartoon character or former US President! HAHAHA! What a story!



They would never prevent you from doing that because they need your £££. The amount of times I’d get called by one of their marketing pinheads regarding some course even though I was several years PQE was unbelievable. They use hidden numbers too the shytes.



The degrees are awarded by Mickey Mouse.



I remember that the pupillage gateway registration a few years ago had “HHJ” as an option for “title”.


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