16 signs that you’re a basic law student

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By Katie King on

How unoriginal are you?


1. R v Brown is your favourite case

And the only judgment you have read in full


2. Harvey Specter from Suits is your idol


3. You never leave the house without a law firm branded pen on your person…

And a pack of mints… and a highlighter… and a tote bag… the list goes on.


4. You believe you’re the only person in the world with a coffee addiction


5. And a Red Bull addiction


6. You classify yourself as an expert in all legal and political news stories…

Despite having only had one lecture on the topic. Commenting on political manifestos around election-time is one of your particularly favourite past times.


7. You feel totally in the know about tort law disputes…

Ever since you skim read a case summary of Donoghue v Stevenson in your first term of law school.


8. You have no idea what commercial awareness is…

(But you like to pretend that you do.)

9. You are outstanding at assessment centre team-building exercises


10. Your method of legal research rarely extends beyond Google and Wikipedia…

And maybe e-lawresources at a push.


11. Despite your lazy techniques, you find it impossible to believe anyone has as much work to do as you


12. You are very protective over your collection of highlighters…

And post-it notes and gel pens and paperclips and biros.


13. You would never dream of attending a law fair without bringing your business cards


14. You hate land law


15. But insist on dealing with all disputes you and your housemates have with your landlord, ‘for the good of the house’


16. And dealing with all other disputes for that matter…

Whether it’s an argument about being refused entry into a club or a row over a taxi fare, you’ll make sure you’re right in the middle of it all — letting everybody know you are a “future lawyer”.