A BPTC graduate who brought 30 failed employment tribunal claims has been disbarred

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After accumulating plenty of valuable work experience, his pupillage dream is over


An aspiring barrister who sent off more than 150 pupillage applications without receiving an interview has been disbarred after bringing 30 failed employment tribunal claims that were either “weak or hopeless”.

John Iteshi, 40, who completed the then Bar Vocational Course (now the Bar Professional Training Course) back in 2007, made dozens of claims over a four-year period against Transport for London, London Underground, British Telecommunications and over 25 legal recruiters.

In 2012 Iteshi even dragged the Bar Council through an employment tribunal, claiming that the minimum pupillage award on offer at the time was indirectly discriminatory to black Africans. Reporting on the unusual claim at the time, Legal Cheek revealed that the aspiring barrister had lost his tribunal and the subsequent appeal.

Last year — as a result of his trigger-happy attitude to bringing claims — Itsehi was the subject of an application on “restriction of proceedings” by the Attorney General. Presumably sick of the sight of him, Mr Justice Mitting, sitting in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, accepted the application.

Justice Mitting, ruling at the time, said:

All claims have alleged direct and indirect race discrimination. All but one [the claim against the Bar Council] have alleged at the start sex discrimination as well, and some have alleged victimisation. None has succeeded. Many have been struck out as having no reasonable prospect of success.

He continued, clearly shocked at the extent of Iteshi’s frivolous claims, stating he had…

…never encountered and am unaware of any other case in which so many claims of this nature have been brought by one individual over a period of no more than four years.

In an affidavit sworn at the time, Iteshi said that he hoped to “highlight” to the court “the shamelessness of the crooked individuals hiding behind judicial immunity and their evil cloak of infallibility, who are pursuing this claim”.

A Bar Disciplinary Tribunal, ruling last week, concluded that Iteshi had…

…behaved in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in the legal profession.

Iteshi, who studied for his Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at London Metropolitan University in 2004 before completing the bar course in 2007 — enabling him to call himself a barrister without actually practising — claimed he had made over 150 pupillage applications without receiving a single interview.

Prior to doing the GDL, Iteshi got a 2:2 in psychology at the University of Nigeria, which he followed up with a master’s degree in employment studies and human resources management at the University of North London in 2003.

The tribunal’s ruling is open to appeal.


Dismissed: Wannabe barrister’s claim that minimum pupillage award is discriminatory to black Africans [Legal Cheek]



His pupillage dream was already over. His 5-year period to get pupillage ran out in 2012.



London Met… Uni of North London… I think that explains the lack of pupillage, really



We all know that’s a myth and a deterrent



I know people who have secured pupillage after the 5 year limit.



Can the dislikers please explain why they have disliked a neutral, factual statement. Is it displeasure at the status quo? Crying into my sandwich here.



Haters gonna hate, bro.



potatoes gonna potate, bro


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I wouldn’t conpletely out rule the possibility of there being some discrimination being present. However, I think that the bulk of the issue stems from his academic background



I would rule out the possibility of any discrimination being present, unless you mean discrimination against complete and utter fruitloops.



Others are correct, as his educational background clearly failed to get him through the initial paper sift. People with top degrees from great universities frequently fail in their pursuit of pupillage. I doubt his CV would get him beyond a paralegal job offer.



He wouldn’t even get that …



It’s *MR* Justice Mitting, not “Justice Mitting”! (To be fair, you got it right the first time.)

I see this all the time on the Guardian, BBC News etc. We’re turning into America and I don’t like it.



Just read on the BBC news site:

The 42-year-old, who worked as a blood cancer specialist…

But this quote got through without being dumbed-down (to “kid cancer friends”):

“To a degree I have beaten myself up over it, and so have his paediatric oncology colleagues…”

And the big old “l” word slipped itself in here:

… who was in remission from leukaemia…

Strictly off-topic, but part of the whole dumbing-down culture we see in journalism these days.



what on earth are you saying



I studied at London Met and I am a trainee solicitor at a top firm in the city. He’s just plain stupid and a fantasist.


Box Populi

Top firm eh?

Didn’t know Bircham Dyson Bell called themselves that…



I think the word “hat” is missing before “firm”. Working in a tailor would be more likely with that degree than a law firm.



“8 Having encountered no single Judge with any integrity in the Employment Tribunal system, I should be as foolish as being fraudulently portrayed, to devote a significant time and resources in rebutting the totally false claims responding or even defending this application.

9 However, I must highlight the shamelessness of the crooked individuals hiding behind judicial immunity and their evil cloak of infallibility, who are pursuing this claim.

10. In response to my portrayal as some idiot that went on bringing hopeless claims and appeals in the Employment Tribunal system, I wish to state as follows, not to sway the crooks in the Employment Appeal Tribunal but simply for the records…”

“11. I do not expect anything good to come from the crop of judicial crooks that populate the Employment Tribunal system, but I must point the impropriety of the Applicant’s reliance on the alleged grievance with my employer as their sole evidence that I still wish to pursue claims.”



If he had inserted the word ”to” before ”impropriety” in that last sentence, it would have almost seemed eloquent.



Correction, before ”the”



He is deluded as evidenced by the civil restraint order.

The allegations he has made are insulting to the successful barristers that share a similar background. He needs to knock around the London circuit and see there are good black and Asian lawyers in chambers.


Lord Harley of Counsel

Blacker in disguise …


Box Populi

This lad might even be blacker than Blacker. Lols.



Why didn’t he just apply to join the CPS? He’d have coasted in.









There seems to be little in this article about the disbarment, we are left to guess that it is due to his weak ET claims.



John Iteshi behaved in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in the legal profession, in that in the Employment Appeal Tribunal on the 12th March 2014, he was made the subject of a restriction of proceedings order by a High Court Judge under Section 33 of the Employment Tribunals Act 1996 on the ground that he had habitually and persistently and without any reasonable ground instituted vexatious proceedings in an Employment Tribunal and before the Appeal Tribunal and made vexatious applications in both proceedings in both Tribunals.



@RD – London met graduate at top firm – that’s feasible. I know someone that studied at the same uni, however, she completed the LPC at UoL, speak loads of languages and looks better than proudman 🙂



It was probably her stunning looks that secured her job. And her ability to shit in a pool.



Good for her for wining the genetic lottery. Bad that law firms still value women’s looks more than other relevant criteria for such job.



She must have a spectacular CV then to be offered an interview. It’s not just the looks I don’t think



I’ve studied at London met the teaching staff is great, facilities etc as well. Unfortunately the reality is that the license scandal with UKBA gave it a really bad reputation. No need to hate good on all who managed to get a TC or a job. Well done. Peace



Maybe you should go back and study English again…at primary school level. Basic grammar fail.



Not basic grammar fail. It’s called stupid iPhone! But it’s so much easier to hate. I studied are you happy now? Some people were just born to spread the hate.


mildly amused

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Indeed man, they will!


Screaming Lord Loony of Rochdale

I studied law at Rochdale Polytechnic and gained a training contract under the top magic circle firm Alan blacker and Co. And no I’m struck off and in the the Rochdale Secure Psychiatric unit.


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