Addleshaw Goddard junior lawyer so busy that he keeps working during charity cycle

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The battle to meet those hours targets never stops


As this year’s Tour de Law competition comes to a close, it would appear that some of the participants have had other more pressing concerns on their minds.

The event — organised by the charity Breast Cancer Care — saw 3,500 legal professionals from 23 different law firms’ offices across the UK take part.

However, thanks to the pressures of law firm life, some City lawyers were unable to fully channel their inner Bradley Wiggins.

Addleshaw Goddard associate Jonathan Brooks seems to have had an impending deadline, but that didn’t stop the young lawyer taking to the saddle and doing his bit for charity.

Opting to wear chinos and a casual shirt, rather than the training gear favoured by most participants, Brooks (pictured below) can be seen pedalling away with laptop in hand, still, it seems, clocking up those billable hours.

Another firm whose lawyers insisted on remaining fully suited and booted for their stints on the bike was corporate powerhouse Weil Gotshal, where a strict dress code was maintained at all times for the cycling event.


As the newly released 2016 Legal Cheek Most List shows, Addleshaw has an annual hours target of 1,500 for associates, while Weil is one of those US firms which has no official hours target.

The Tour de Law has already raised an impressive £47,000, with organisers expecting that figure to double as more donations roll in.

Law firm Simmons & Simmons — which clearly took the fundraiser very seriously — dominated proceedings. The City outfit claimed the title of “fastest firm”, “fastest firm (average speed)” and “furthest firm”, cycling an impressive 1469.9km.

Last year controversy struck the event when Legal Cheek revealed that magic circle outfit Freshfields had entered a fitness trainer into the cycling fundraiser. The Anglo-German giant’s personal trainer, Thora Andersen, bagged the prize for being the competition’s fastest female, covering 10.26km in a blistering 15 minutes.

Happily, there has been no sign of ringers this year.

The overall “Tour de Law champion” and “best fundraising firm” will be announced on 16 October 2015. The full results can be read here.


Ass-Eater LJ

A tip that I have always found to useful is to balance your laptop on the back of your significant other when having sex doggy-style, so you can crank out a few emails in the throes of passion. Allows you to maintain a good balance of personal-professional life, and nets you a little boost in chargeable hours.


Lord Harley of Bollocks

When your “significant other” charges by the hour, it’s only prudent to offset her cost by some billables of your own, eh “Ass-Eater LJ”….



The deadline cannot have been that important as:

1. He had time to pose for the camera; and
2. His time on the bike would have been postponed or delayed if it was a vital piece of work or a valuable client.

On a side note, he looks insufferably smug.



Is he wearing deck shoes to work? Please, no.


Quo Vadis

Are they really cycling in suits?! #sweaty



This guy looks awful. He will never make partner


Charles Gould

It’s disgrace. If I were a client and found out some of my chargeable hours had been completed on an exercise bike I would not be impressed. He’s clearly not even cycling very fast. Letting his client and the charity down at the same time. Since when have lawyers been so lazy!?!?!?


Emma Pub

OMG. I know him! LOL



I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that if he were doing billable work they would have warned the client beforehand and ensured that it was routine/low risk.


Alex O

oh my God, Jonny, you look so handsome!!



Rob Brydon’s long-lost child?



The love child of Rob Brydon and John Bishop?



I bet he’s never even been on a real bike



You’re so wrong buddy



Agree. Looks uncomfortable on a bike



Jonny! How have you been man? Been too long. See you in Manchester soon?


Harry G

There’s actually a lot of evidence that exercise makes people more productive. Some law firms have exercise bikes instead of chairs as standard in Japan.



Get fucked, Harry. If there were genuine gains then loads of businesses globally would use them.


So much for...

AG’s ‘work-life balance’



Or a CSR swindle of employee travel emissions!


Harrison Goodger

My mother once baked him a cake



I’ll bet she did, the saucy harlot


The Famous Eccles

Cheese cake?


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