New official ‘online hub’ tells young barristers to lose weight and stop 5-day benders

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Young Barristers’ Committee venture does, however, contain some useful snippets of advice for wannabes and rookies


A new profession-backed website launched earlier this month is telling young barristers to cut down on the booze and lose weight.

The “online hub” and accompanying “toolkit” — written by members of the Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committee — offers, amongst other things, various pointers on how those at the junior end of the bar can combat stress.

The site tells young barristers to “have at least two or three alcohol-free days each week” and lose some weight “if necessary.” The high-level advice continues, recommending that junior barristers to “take a holiday” and have a “proper lunch break”.

Some legal aid pupils may be left wondering how their £12,000 pupillage award will stretch to a Pret a Manger sandwich let alone a week in Tenerife.

The Young Bar Hub — which has also received input from older members of the bar, solicitors, pupil supervisors, clerks and Bar Council staff — does, however, contain some useful advice. From handling financial affairs to the tricky issue of tax, applying for tenancy and securing pupillage. If you can see past some of the more comical stuff, the site is certainly worth a visit.

Unfortunately, it’s the amusing advice that Legal Cheek enjoyed most. From top tips including “never drink a lot of water” before going to court to “think before you open your mouth”, it may leave some barristers feeling like they’re back at school.

The hub even features some guidance from barrister turned well-being guru Neil Seligman. The mindfulness expert advises young barristers to create a room in their house where mobile phones are banned, giving the bathroom as an example. So no more Tinder swipe-sessions while you’re sat on the toilet. It’s for the good of your health.

Announcing the arrival of the site, Daniel Sternberg, chairman of the Young Barristers’ Committee, said:

The Bar is operating in a time of unprecedented pressure and there will undoubtedly be difficult times ahead. These new online resources have been developed so that the young Bar receives the support it needs to ensure it is in the best possible position for the future.

You can check out the Young Bar Hub here.


Not Amused

What a total waste of time and money these people are.


Lord Harley of Bollocks

Lucky for me I don’t need to lose weight



@Not Amused – and yet you wasted your valuable time to comment on it?

Attempting to support the health and well being of young barristers is far more useful than the usual BC offering of an exclusive 5% discount off a new Jag etc etc


Not Amused

If it were useful it could be self financing.

What it is is a small group of people. Selected from an ‘election’ in which no one votes. Where hardly anyone wants to stand. Who are given money by similarly ‘elected’ fools and over paid bureaucrats with an established record of incompetence. The money is raised by involuntary levy (tax).

The pretence of helping people. The ‘Pippa’s tips’ levels of patronising advice. These are just sots to the egos involved. The veneer of pretending to ‘do good’ is easily penetrated if you try.

I am simply voicing the obvious.



“If it were useful it could be self-financing.”

I take it you wouldn’t apply that reasoning to legal aid.



Or the national health service. Or public education. Or charity work.



To be honest I think the best thing to help Junior Barristers and wannabe Barristers would be fighting two tier contracts and legal aid cuts, we could have a legal aid style campaign similar to the “I needed the Human Rights Act” one being run now..



I assume “if necessary” to mean if you are so overweight that there are related health concerns. This is really not a big deal.


mildly amused

Its a good website. Some of it should be common sense, but not all barristers have that. They needed to inject some humour as the content is otherwise dry.


Sheikh Rahtul Ahnrol

No! No! Must drink plenty water before go to court for hydrate!

This website ruin my empire of incontinent pant vending machines rolling out in roving room nationwide!


Ms Charlotte Proudperson

I’m a fan!


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