Protesting Palestinian lawyer becomes unlikely star of Reddit Photoshop battle

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By Thomas Connelly on

Geeks try to bring some light relief to the escalating conflict in the Middle East


A viral image of a Palestinian lawyer kicking a tear gas canister during a heated protest has resulted in the most unlikely online battle among Photoshop geeks.

The demonstration — that took place near Ramallah, West Bank, earlier this week — was arranged by the Palestinian Bar Association.

In a show of solidarity, lawyers in the territory joined locals in protesting about the alleged recent killings of Palestinians by Israeli forces.

A photo of one of the lawyers in full court dress volleying away a tear gas canister then swept social media — and has since spurred a bizarre online competition.

The premise of a Photoshop battle is to out-do fellow ‘Redditors’ by Photoshopping an individual into different scenarios for comic effect.

User WookieTurnip edited the lawyer so it appears that he’s kicking a football.


Meanwhile, an anonymous user felt the robed lawyer was doing some sort of dance move.


One Photoshop pro allowed the lawyer to join the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, in a game of bowling.


Finally, a Redditor placed the Palestinian lawyer in a hurdling race.


Legal Cheek sincerely hopes that the effect of social media levity will bring both sides to their senses as tensions in Israel and Palestine increase.

Read the thread in full below:

A Palestinian lawyer, wearing his official robes, kicks a teargas canister back towards Israeli soldiers during a demonstration by Palestinian lawyers [Reddit]