Pupil barrister spotted sweeping chambers’ front step with dustpan and brush

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By Thomas Connelly on

They don’t teach you this on the BPTC


A London barrister has taken to Twitter claiming he’s spotted a pupil outside chambers sweeping up with a dustpan and brush.

David Peachey, a property and commercial specialist at Lincoln’s Inn’s Enterprise Chambers, “thinks” he might have spotted a pupil who’s moonlighting as another set’s cleaner.

Peachey — tweeting earlier this week — makes clear that the aspiring cleaner barrister isn’t a pupil at his chambers.

Legal Cheek understands that pupils are often required to do things that aren’t mentioned on the pupillage page of the chambers’ website. Coffee runs, dry cleaning collection and even babysitting are tasks that a young wannabe may be called upon to do.

With ‘cleaner’ now apparently added to the list, at least you’ll have a well-rounded CV if you don’t secure tenancy.