Civil litigation-themed Lego is a thing

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By Thomas Connelly on

Hopefully there’s no trademark infringement on the all new ‘Lawgo’


A Canadian law firm has taken the fun and exciting world of Lego and made it more tedious — by producing a civil litigation version of the hit toy.

In what appears to be a marketing stunt — or is it a new line of business? — Jensen Shawa Solomon Duguid Hawkes LPP, or JSS Barristers for short, has created a Lego-themed “Litigation Action Pack” called ‘Lawgo’ (pictured above).

The boutique civil litigation firm, based in the Canadian city of Calgary, has even produced a toy barrister with accompanying robes and a court bench. The figures are recommended for those between 18 and 99 years of age.

Given its use of Lego-style branding, Legal Cheek hopes the firm has received the appropriate permission, or it could be red faces — as opposed to yellow ones — all round.

Earlier this year, Legal Cheek reported how designer Maia Weinstock had captured iconic female US Supreme Court judges in Lego form.


With mini-yellow versions of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and the court’s first female judge, Sandra Day O’Connor, the legal adaptation went down a storm with readers.

Closer to home, rumours that City law firms are working on a “knackered trainee” lego toy to capitalise on the Christmas rush remain unconfirmed.

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