It’s official: law is harder than medicine

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Bristol students swap lectures — LLBer cracks medicine in a jiffy, while medic is baffled by contract law


A medic and a lawyer from Bristol University swapped lectures to find out which of the two notoriously middle-class courses was worse — and it seems law is just as hard and boring as we already knew it was.

The inquisitive first year students — namely, Ellie Drewry (pictured below right), who studies law; and Eleanor Hennebry (pictured below left), who studies medicine — took part in the social experiment to answer the age-old question: is law harder than medicine?


And the answer seems to be a resounding yes — not only is law confusing and boring, law students are pretty rubbish as well.

Taking on a LLB lecture — in what we are pretty sure is contract law — undercover medic Hennebry is blown away by the dryness of the subject. Four minutes into the lecture, she reports in The Tab:

Am I meant to be listening to the content? It’s already boring.

Law definitely doesn’t live up to its TV-court-drama-reputation, with a bemused Hennebry asking:

Where’s all the murder? This is just cases about shares fraud — and not cool fraud like The Wolf of Wall Street.

And it’s not just the course content that has the medic’s head in her hands — she’s particularly shocked by the lack of “banter” from the lecturer:

There are no Star Wars jokes or Shrek clips. I’m confused, this is so different from medicine.

By contrast, over in the medicine lecture, Drewry seems to be having a whale of a time. Star Wars jokes and YouTube clips aplenty, she was particularly underwhelmed by the difficulty of the course. Lecture over, she says:

I knew most of that stuff. I mean, don’t examine me on it, but it was pretty straightforward. Bristol is supposed to be the most competitive medical school in the country: I call bullshit.

Unfortunately, our medic is not having such an easy time trying to get her head around contract case law. Taking us through a commentary of what we think is Leaf v International Galleries, she describes the case’s outcome as “brutal”:

[The claimant] would have been so happy with his painting, I feel so bad for him (that’s the empathy we’re trained to feel kicking in). No such empathy from the surrounding lawyers.

Law students are just not, according to Hennebry, all they’re cracked up to me.

It’s not just their lack of sympathy: no one is in a suit, and no one seems to be talking to one another.

Over in the medicine lecture, Drewry paints the picture of a chatty, social year group, with one girl trying to flog hummus to her fellow students before the lecture started.

But, over here in contract law 101:

Everyone is spread out and sitting on their own or in pairs. I don’t like it. In our lectures, each group has their own claimed row and banter is flowing. In here, they all look sad.

She continues:

One guy is on what looks like a dating site, the social life is clearly not buzzing in law.

We’re not sure if it’s the competition for TCs and vac schemes, the competition for first class marks, or just a bad gene common to all law students, but we are a notoriously unsociable bunch (except at law balls, where we all love each other).

And it seems this Hunger Games stereotype is so true that even outsiders can pick up on it.

Forty-one minutes in, Hennebry is so horrified by the whole experience that she asks the same question we reckon every law student in that room wanted to ask:

What the fuck is happening? This is so boring.

So it’s official: even the formidable medics cannot hack the dreaded law lecture. Our lawyer agrees. Not impressed by her medic experience, she concludes:

Law is 100 per cent harder than this bullshit.

Legal Cheek votes for a third year lawyers vs geographers edition. Any takers?

Image of Ellie and Eleanor courtesy of The Tab.



Katie I think you’re wonderful.



Tom, if you want to compliment her, just be bold and don’t do it anonymously.



Err what? She has a face only a mother could love.




What are the chances you’re a 4 out of 10?



Jokes on you, I’m actually a 3/10



Law and medical sciences and in fact the sciences, are totally alien to one another. They require different intellectual faculties and thought processes . As a medical sciences graduate, with an MBA and a present law student, I could say that the cross-over or intersect between law and sciences is business management.






Legal Cheek articles based on a the Tab article. What has LC become?


Kuzka's Mother

Settle down, LC was never any good to start with.



It’s a vaguely law themed third hand shitpost site.

Love it. I’m here every day.


Matyn Ross

Obviously yes, we all know law can be boring at times, and perhaps contract 101 isn’t the best example of law lectures, however the lecturer themselves make a huge difference. At my university a good proportion of the law lecturers were very highly regarded from students, even from those in different disciplines. It’s not exactly a fair comparison

But then again, this was based from a Tab article…



I’d like to see them sit through an engineering lecture…





Dr Dave

Great, next time you’re ill get yourself down to Kwik Fit.



Um, Bristows may be?



I think “It’s Official” may be overstating a little the value and method of the research undertaken to reach this conclusion



Typical picky laywer-like thing to say.



On a legal related website? So out of place!



Middle Class subjects? Perhaps we can live at the back of the lecture theatre then and rent out our properties to pay for Emme and Belle’s private schooling and our holidays to an eco lodge in Tuscany.


Kuzka's Mother

Wow, this is so ridiculous in so many ways.

I’ve only been in practice for 2 years now, but I would never swap places with a doctor. Ever. Their profession is so much more difficult in so many ways. No point in even going into it.



Hard? Normal doctor without further qualification is just a piece of shit



Lets be clear that medics do take a foundation course in their first year for a couple of weeks, covering pretty much knowledge from an A-levels biology course. Thats probably why the law student could understand it.

But the challenging part of medicine is the enormity of its syllabus coupled with a finite and limited amount of time to cover it. Give it a year and it will get tougher, I kid you not!

But I do think law is tough too, of course. I respect both professions. Peace 🙂



Clearly missed out on the genetics lectures.


Office for National Statistics

It’s official sample size of 2 and lecture lasting 1 hour proves theory.

Doctorate awarded.



Why has Legal Cheek stopped allowing comments on careers posts?

How else can we now pour vitriol on unwitting entrants to the legal profession?


Kuzka's Mother

They’re promotion posts. Someone paid for them to be there, so it would be unbecoming for the pack of hyenas that are the commentators on this website to be let loose on them.


Maybe the tagline should be changed to LAW vs MEDICINE which one is more boring……. but they should appreciate their chance to get enrolled into the major they like. Unlike me, i love bio but i wad forced to study BUSINESS!!!!!



Hello Janice. Come here often?


Dong Tea

Ms Pang, would you like to meet my Hung Wang?



Law is definitely conceptually harder than medicine, with its own fair share of content. Contract law is also one of the easiest courses in law school (wait until you do trusts or property).

I think there is definitely more substance in med school than law school, but there’s an additional year. Meanwhile, not only do you have to memorise in law, you have to understand and argue some very difficult conceptual questions about why the law is what it is and whether it should change. I’m sure medicine has its own fair share of these difficult questions (medical ethics) and such, but these are at the peripheral rather than the core of the course.

Don’t get me wrong, medicine is definitely one of the hardest courses out there. But there’s a difference in the level of intellectual challenge that is not compensated by the sheer amount of content that may be present in med school.



Ethics is not something that’s sidelined in medicine. In fact, when you start practicing, you face ethical dilemmas almost every single day when you have to prioritise someone over another and face their family members should anything go wrong. That being said, the breadth of medicine can only be experienced by someone taking the full course. Comparing law to medicine is like comparing apples to oranges. Medicine may be easier to understand because there is plenty of research substantiating and relating physiology and pathology into easy to understand diagrams and words. Research on the other hand is derived from hypotheses that Doctors propose from their clinical observations. That takes lots of work and statistical analysis which is not often appreciated by people reading plain text.



“When you start practicing” – when you start practicing law, you also face many new challenges that were not present in law school. Point is, amount of content is tough to memorise, but in law there are just things you have to work very hard to even understand, after which you will always have to memorise.



Try understanding embryology…



This seems like a very poor clinical trial



all they’re cracked up to me



Oh dear God. Please don’t encourage medical students to come here and read about how their course is easy.

The site will be flooded with snippy comments from inarticulate chippy proto-doctors, all indignant because they got lots of A* science A-levels and spent the previous summer folding towels in the local hospital. And their parents are so very, very proud: it *must* be the hardest and most worthy course in the world.

A duller, more self-regarding group than medical students does not exist.



I’m an engineer and I’ll have you know…



Oh my god, that’s epic…


Medic's sister/lawyer

I feel someone did not get into med school?



lowers dont save lifes tho



But they can spell.



I’ll be honest, that subheader did not make any sense to me until I got to the end of the article. I thought it meant she cracked medicine like popped a Xanax or something and that law students were alternating going to lectures with their friends. Had no idea why the med student was baffled. Haha. Oh dear.



Worst. “Article”. Ever.



You should have sent the law student to an embryology lecture then compare difficulty.



Alright, try a trusts lecture… Contract is one of the most straightforward legal subjects.

No need to get your back up.


Mr Pineapples

I could easily be a doctor:

Mr P (in surgery) – what’s up?
Patient? feeling shite – cough and sneezin’
Mr P: Yu have a bleedin’ cold – cop these pills
Patient: cheers

What’s so bloody hard about that?


Liar Liar

Any harder than this…?

[Secretary with arrested client on the phone]: He knocked over another ATM. This time at knife point. He needs your legal advice.

[Lawyer]: [picking up phone and shouting]: Stop breaking the law, asshole!



There are numerous potential defences open to him, just based on the facts


Nonplussed Cat



Kuzka's Mother

It’s a reference from Liar Liar. Be seated.



Misleading title. I think what this proves is that law, and lawyers, are boring.

Speaking as a lawyer.


Nonplussed Cat

I don’t see where the Med student says she finds it hard…that’s where I’m confused



Used to spoon feeding, probably. At least by the sounds of their lectures.



Oh. I love Leaf.



The impartiality of this article is questionable. First of all it’s on a website called which clearly indicates some sort of attempt to boost the egos of future lawyers. Second, the author explicitly mentions and goes ahead to emphasise on the sheer difficulty of the law lecture that the medic attended but ultimately fails to even briefly mention what lecture the law student went to. Who knows? It may be a lecture on diet and exercise. Btw, those lectures only take up half our course, the real difficulty starts after.



You must be new here.

It’s a shame there’s no “” toward which I can guide you and your hurt butt.



I thought lawyers are supposed to be good at creating arguments. The quality of this article shows how wrong i am.


Kuzka's Mother

Lawyers are good at creating arguments. It’s just a terrible article. Be seated.



Why is it a competition ? I’m very grateful to the doctors who have looked after me when I’ve been sick. I don’t care if there course was harder than law! Surely we should be supporting one another in a society which seems to thrive in the compensation culture I’m sure doctors are just as happy that they have lawyers to defend them against negligence.



I hope that there’ll be one social experiment for Law vs Computing/Engineering. I’d interested to see the results. Lol.


Ellie's Gay Best Friend

Guys she wrote this as a humusorous (humus pun get it) column. I don’t think that after 1 hour in a lecture she was like “guys, trust me on this one, I now know all of medicine – it’s piss easy”.

Plz can we stahhp taking it seriously and just enjoy her gr8 writing and hair

kthxbye xx



try doing pure mathematics its like an alien language to start with



You are stupid


Brett Dawson

Lawyers are doctors who couldn’t/can’t do maths



I’m doing an LLB with maths… Don’t generalise lawyers!


Brett Dawson

Lawyers are doctors who coudln’t/can’t do maths



Obviously they have never tried engineering.



Finished bachelors in geographical sciences and it’s a joke compared to law. The stereotyping about Hunger Games and the “I don’t know what the fuck is going on”. Classics. Never mind the bore, the amount of work for postraduate law, laughing while I am typing, is the biggest joke I have seen… on my last paper and hate to say it…. Well worth it.



Bristol is not top med school, 2 ppl does not equal a study, and the 2 disciplines are totally different. Also comparing lectures from 1st year is hardly like for like as medicine is nearly twice the length of law, and really the preliminary lectures in basic medical science are there to give a platform to build on and that’s before any practical application which is of course another fundamental difference – law one can excel in by parrot fashion regurgitation of facts, there is every bit as much to learn for medicine but even with exceptional knowledge one can still fail if their communication skills are inadequate etc. Perhaps a better study would be put a class of medics in a final year lecture then test them on their understanding and ability to apply knowledge from said lecture then do likewise the law students in medical environment.


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