Liverpool Uni law student pledges to use £44,000 lottery win to fund barrister dream

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First year has her law school fund sorted


A University of Liverpool law and criminology undergraduate has bagged £44,069 — and immediately revealed that the cash is going towards funding her ambition of becoming a criminal barrister.

Kerri Caskie, 18, says the money will help her pursue a career that she views as being normally reserved for those of a more “affluent background”.

The National Lottery backed prize — offered by newspaper the Liverpool Echo — is aimed at helping students achieve their aspirations by overcoming financial restrictions.

The bar wannabe claimed if it was not for her win she would probably have had to settle for a life doing “something lower down within the law”.

With Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees costing in excess of £18,000 at London providers, the young law student told the Echo:

It’s not something I could have afforded to do without this, as it’s so expensive — about £12,000 a year upfront costs. Normally you need to come from an affluent background to get into it.

Caskie, who had to collect tokens from the Liverpudlian newspaper in order to enter the prize draw, explained how she enjoyed reading its criminal case reports, as they provided practical examples that help with her studies. She continued:

I couldn’t believe it. I’m ecstatic, as it’s not the kind of thing you think happens to you. My heart was racing. But it’s literally the student dream. I’ve wanted to be a criminal barrister since I was a child, watching Law and Order and then doing a mini-pupillage.

Despite the free cash, the investment is still a risky one. With pupillages dropping below the 400 mark for the first time in living memory last year, it’s a tough time to be aiming to become a barrister — especially for those with aspirations to practise in legal aid.

It’s very hard to get into commercial sets too, with Legal Cheek research revealing earlier this year that Oxbridge graduates make-up 77% of top chambers’ junior talent. Having said that, if Caskie can secure a first class degree and gain advocacy experience, she has a reasonable chance of success.

Caskie has a couple of years to go before he needs to start thinking about the BPTC. But before she splashes any cash Legal Cheek recommends applying first for an Inns of Court scholarship to fund her studies — this year’s deadline is on Friday.



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It’s Liverpool Echo, not Echo.

Further, the fees are more than 12K.

Finally, she should just get an Inn Scholarship, without one the odds of pupillage are (unfortunately) even more tenuous.



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Meh, I’d rather visit Vegas for a week and blow it all on a never-ending supply of supple poon and delicious alcoholic beverages. But that might just be me.



A career at the bar isn’t reserved for those of a more affluent background. It’s just the scholarship funds that are.



How naive this poor girl is.

Spunk all your money away on a ‘dream’ founded on watching television and doing one mini.



Where else do dreams come from? Lighten up.



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Quo Vadis

Her undergraduate expenses will probably burn through the £44,000. Then it’s another £20,000 for the BPTC year, another £4,000 to bring a minimum pupillage award up to something liveable (assuming, of course, that she gets pupillage), and then however much she will need to subsidise her first hardscrabble years of practice. It’s amazing to think a would-be barrister can win £44,000 and STILL end up in debt.

Also – “something lower down within the law”? Ouch.



Yeah, it’s called Cilex.



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Clearly she has no idea about what to expect earnings wise…..even if she does land a pupillage.



“Lottery winner puts winnings into another, less-predictable, lottery”



All the normal LC Proudman trolling aside, she is VERY attractive.

Best of luck to her with the Bar aspirations.


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You and I clearly have very different definitions of ‘attractive’.

She looks and dresses (and likely also sounds) like a tasteless rube, typical for the fiends north of London. Probably has chlamydia and loves a night out with ‘cheeky WKDs and some Dominos’ too. Ugh, foul.


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Not hating at all. Just find her to be vulgar, not sexy. But horses for courses as they say I guess, bro.



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Interesting how several blatantly homophobic comments appeared and LC didn’t delete them.

Double standards much? Who knows, gossip has it Thomas likes to pen them himself in order to alleviate the disappointment of writing tosh articles…

Scouser of Counsel

I’m genuinely delighted to read this. I bagged a scholarship that enabled me to come to the criminal bar.

It can be done.

You’ll never have much money but every working day will be a thrill.

Ignore the haters and live the dream!




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Liverpule Lawyeeeer

At quid ploras quem quaeris, amicus?



Kudos, but I’d probably invest it.



I want to know what she means by “lower down in the law”.



Either a secretary, tea lady or legal exec – in order of height in the legal profession (starting with the highest)



Some law firms I worked in were mostly ran by the secretaries. Too many lawyers were scared of making decisions.



Or, heaven forbid, a solicitor!



We has some of those. They tend to hide when the phone rings and avoid telling clients bad news and get counsel to do instead.


Lord Scally of Tesco's

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The worst £40k she’ll ever spend.


Lord Lyle of the Isles

What is lower down than the criminal bar? The Road Traffic Bar? The Mental Health Bar? The Culling of Badgers Bar? What?



Barbeque? Barbed wire?



Better idea. She can give me the £40k and I’ll give her a pupillage. I have had a succession of very ugly pupils of late, so it’s a win win.



That’s not even that much money. How about she hunts a sugar daddy and call it a day ?!



That’ll happen in her early 30’s. That will be the stage where she hasn’t progressed at the rate she feels entitled, and she is just collecting baggage and anger after falling into the category of “on the shelf”.


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