Note to students: Avoid shirtless photos if you want to become a magic circle campus ambassador

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First impressions are everything


A lesson in how not to land a campus ambassador role at a magic circle firm, courtesy of one law student on Twitter.

Zulfiqar Haideri, who appears to be a law student at BPP’s Leeds campus, reached out to top City firm Allen & Overy recently.

Using his Twitter account — which features a rather revealing avatar — Haideri contacted the graduate recruitment team directly with his query.

Keen to become an ambassador for the magic circle outfit, he was “unfortunately” told that he couldn’t, and would need to secure a place on “A&O’s First” work experience programme to be eligible.

Pushed for further clarification about its reasoning, the firm underlined its regret at “sadly” missing out on Zulfiqar’s charms.

Legal Cheek hopes that Haideri can find time to juggle the demands of his topless labouring with securing the vital legal work experience, and looks forward to seeing him representing A&O at BPP in the near future.



Why am I instantly questioning the physical appearance of whoever wrote this article..?



More misleading click bait from LC.

While it is obvious to most that having a topless picture on a public social media profile isn’t sensible, here I can’t see how it is relevant. He can’t be an A&O ambassador without having had work experience there, which he obviously does not have. How can you infer anything else from these two tweets?



Yes, please stop trying to make me smile, LC. As a solicitor-to-be, I can’t be wasting my time with laughter and tomfoolery FOR I AM VERY BUSY AND IMPORTANT.



Great abs though. Good shape, lad.

Before anyone starts… Stunning Photo.



He strikes me as a fggt.



Nah bro, but if you think of bumders then maybe you are one. Step outside, your parents wont mind.


Twinkie Bill

You bet son, but I go butt only. I hope you can play the skin flute well too.



Yeah, your mum showed me some decent tips.


Homoerotica Inc.

Hi Zulfiqar. Would you mind playing my skin flute if I paid you decent penny?



Why does the Magic Circle even needs campus ambassadors though?



Given everyone else does, how would it look if they didn’t?


Charlotte Proudman

This is still all about me



Another misleading click.

Great work there Legal Cheek, you cheeky bastards.


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