Revealed: What barristers keep in their mysterious wheelie suitcases

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By Thomas Connelly on

If you thought it was all practitioners’ texts and robes, think again…


A criminal barrister has lifted the lid on what members of the bar carry around in their mysterious wheelie suitcases.

Chris Smith, a criminal specialist at Leeds and Newcastle set New Park Court Chambers, took to Twitter to publicly unveil what he hauls around the courts of England and Wales.

A far cry from the latest copy of Blackstone’s Criminal Practice, it appears that Smith, who was called to bar in 1997, enjoys to wheel around what Legal Cheek believes are the makings of a romantic date.

According to the snapshot (embedded below), Smith has in his suitcase a bottle of white wine, chocolates, Pandora jewellery, Parma ham, salad, cherry tomatoes, some moisturiser and finally what appears to be a laptop charger.

Legal Cheek is fairly sure Smith doesn’t actually attend court with all this. After all, you’re lucky to get your cheese sandwiches past a disgruntled G4S security guard these days, let alone a reasonably priced bottle of plonk.

Any other barristers out there willing to reveal their suitcase stash?