There is a new contender for the worst attempt at a fraudulent personal injury claim ever

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Police release footage of fake slip that saw man jailed for fraud


A man has been jailed for nine months after staging a hilariously dramatic fall in an Asda supermarket in a bid to secure personal injury compensation.

Louis Dempsey, 30, can be seen exaggerating a “slip” at a Brighton branch of the supermarket giant in CCTV footage release by police late last week.

Dempsey — who filed a claim back in November 2012 — argued that Asda had acted negligently in failing to clean up a puddle on one of their aisles.

CCTV footage (embedded below) shows Dempsey surveying the scene, before leaping into the air and landing on the ground. The incident is made all the more amusing as one perplexed member of the public looks at Dempsey on the floor and then proceeds to walk off, clearly unconvinced by his acting skills.

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Dempsey demanded £11,000 after claiming to suffer back and neck pain, headaches and emotional suffering as result of his dramatic fail fall.

The supermarket quickly launched an investigation into the incident and discovered the hilarious footage of Dempsey’s amateur dramatics.

Dempsey’s solicitors were subsequently sent a copy of the footage — and despite not retracting his claim, the fraudster, clearly embarrassed, stopped corresponding with Asda.

Having not heard from him in over a year, the supermarket’s management decided to contact Sussex Police and Dempsey was swiftly arrested and charged with fraud by making a false representation.

Still maintaining his innocence, Dempsey pleaded not guilty, despite further CCTV footage revealing that he had walked past the puddle without issue moments before the dramatic tumble.

Dempsey was found guilty on 9 October at Lewes Crown Court and jailed for nine months.

Full video: Watch the fake slip


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