Tag: Personal injury

What makes a good personal injury lawyer?

Empathy, resilience, and the ability to adapt will stand you in good stead, says Irwin Mitchell serious injury specialist Chris Kardahji

Nov 8 2021 10:05am

How a life changing accident as a junior lawyer gave me the drive to succeed

Ed Fletcher, CEO at Fletchers, discusses how he took the firm from fledgling high street practice to featuring in the UK top 100, and the tragic motorcycle crash that spurred him on

Feb 26 2020 12:04pm

Top lawyer slammed for ‘open the Moet’ tweet as government boosts injury compensation cash

Liz Truss altered the way payouts are calculated leaving insurers seething

Mar 2 2017 10:16am

Fundamental dishonesty: Difficult to assess, but potentially serious for personal injury claimants

Fletchers trainee Katelyn Williams on the new Criminal Justice and Courts Act

Oct 11 2016 9:41am

There is a new contender for the worst attempt at a fraudulent personal injury claim ever

Police release footage of fake slip that saw man jailed for fraud

Nov 2 2015 3:08pm