Donald Trump loses on all of his points at the UK Supreme Court

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It wasn’t even close


Donald Trump and his £750 million golf course have been slammed by the UK Supreme Court this morning.

The controversial Republican billionaire — who last week called for all Muslims to be banned from the US — has had a long-running squabble with the Scottish government over its 2011 decision to build an 11 turbine strong wind farm off the coast of Aberdeenshire.

The farm is set to power 68,000 UK homes, but Trump is more concerned that the turbines might spoil the view from his multi-million pound Menie Golf Course, located 3.5km away from the proposed wind farm plot.

Trump International Golf Club sought to judicially challenge the minister’s decision. His lawyers, John Campbell QC and James Findlay QC — who were instructed by Scottish law firm Balfour & Manson — argued that the ministers had no power under the Electricity Act 1989 to consent to the windfarm application, and that the decision was therefore unlawful.

The US presidential hopeful has already lost out in his two previous challenges in the Scottish courts. He took a particular pounding in the Court of Session, where the judges said of Trump’s case:

That argument, in my opinion, is fallacious.

Now he’s scored a hatrick.

The Supreme Court — made up of Lords Neuberger, Mance, Reed, Carnwath and Hodge — was having none of Trump’s arguments, and took him down on all of his points. The appeal was unanimously dismissed.

The Trump Organisation has described the verdict as “extremely unfortunate” for Aberdeen residents, and anyone else who cares about Scotland’s economic future.

But the general consensus is that the court was right to take down the hugely unpopular politician.

Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond was happy to point the finger at the American billionaire, accusing him of at best postponing, and at worst jeopardising, a £200-million investment in the Scottish economy. Describing Trump as “three times a loser”, he added:

Given his treatment of Scotland, Scots American are likely to join the ever growing list of people alienated by Trump.

Gary McGovern, energy and planning partner at Pinsent Masons, even quipped to The Telegraph that:

Donald Trump will be hoping he has more success at the US ballot box than he does in the courts.

For America’s sake, we’re hoping that’s not the case…



Yes, because this case constitutes a “verdict” on Trump, and the argument advanced by counsel was his.

This *is* a website written by lawyers, right?



Spot on. Trump will have asked if he has any legal position to oppose the wind farm. His lawyers will have prepared an argument, advanced an argument, and lost the argument. Yet this is Trump being, in essence, found ‘guilty’ of something. Awful article.



An engaging summary of the facts of the case written for an accessible law website. Legal Cheek is what is. Other news outlets are available.



If an argument by his lawyer, put forward in a court action in his name is not his argument, whose was it? Are you suggesting that the lawyer made it up themselves and said it without approval?



No, I think they’re suggesting they made it up and submitted them with approval.



Of course not. Trump instructed his lawyers to do what they could for him. He didn’t come up with the argument(s) himself. The client doesn’t tell the lawyer what legal points to take – he’s advised as to what is feasible and takes the advice.


General Trumpeteer

Appreciate that some level of research was done for this article (though not too much).

On the other hand:

“That argument, in my opinion, is fallacious” does not sound like he took a ‘particular pounding.’



He was still dead right about that other thing



Yeah bruv, totes support ur anti muzza post.




You ain’t no moron, Bruv!


Filigree Siberian Hamster

Ain’t that not a double negative, Bruv?


Laird Lyle of the Isles

legal cheek is continuing to be taken over by uneducated forensically uneducated ghetto chavs. Can we please have a method of blocking them or at least remove them for pity sake!


Not Amused

Oh do piss off you twat…. and stop having a go at poor born kids as well, its not their fault their uneducated. God, I feel like I am the only voice of reason amongst all of you simpletons on this site. If things do not improve I will be forced to quit my imaginary chambers and shut myself off from the legal profession.


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