Morning round-up: Monday 21 December

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Human rights reform still a long way off [BBC News]

Lord Janner’s death “denied justice at final hurdle” to his alleged victims [The Sun]

Lord Janner’s six “sex abuse victims” vow to continue fight for justice after his death [The Mirror]

Greville Janner is gone, but questions over abuse and the law remain [The Guardian]

Police who shoot to kill may get greater legal protection under security review [Reuters]

Gay Briton fights extradition to Dubai [The Guardian]

Privatising probation services was a foreseeable mistake — and now we all stand to pay the price [The Independent]

Michael Gove urged to act over “massive rise” in prison suicides [The Independent]

Gove apologises for divorce form error [Financial Times]

Apply now: 2 Temple Gardens mini-pupillage [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Why does everything on LC have to be ‘top’? Top law firms, top judges, now top extra curricular activities. Why not just extra curricular activity?” [Legal Cheek Comments]