12 delightful photos of cats behaving like lawyers

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People love dressing up their cats as lawyers — it’s just a thing


So we trawled through the internet to find the very best lawyer cats out there (and even took a snap of our own).

1. Anyone got any pink tape?

A photo posted by emzanotti (@emzanotti) on

2. Loves law so much he wants to eat the book

A photo posted by Legal Cheek (@legalcheek) on

3. Gotta love civil procedure

A photo posted by Aziah Eleena (@aziaheleena86) on

4. What can I help you with today sir?

A photo posted by Mille 🙂 (@michelle_artusa) on

5. Definitely a junior lawyer

A photo posted by gondo_girl (@gondo_girl) on

6. Barrister cat loves reading briefs

7. Don’t mess with lawyer cat

A photo posted by Katie Stults (@katierose429) on

8. This cat looks how I feel about public law

A photo posted by Legal Cheek (@legalcheek) on

9. Fun night of reading ahead

A photo posted by @littlelawyerlady on

10. Meow

11. Owner, I don’t understand

A photo posted by @loschoe on

12. Cats love contract law

A photo posted by Legal Cheek (@legalcheek) on


Crazy cat lady

Katie, you’ve found your niche!


Brave anonymous commenter

‘Crazy cat lady’ you have found your niche anonymously taunting young journalists.



“Journalist” is generous.



I agree with all points raised in this article.



This is terrific journalism. More of this please.


Bun's Wife

This is brilliant! Thanks LC.


And then I chundered everywhere

Yo Katie, Buzzfeed called they want their article back.


Lord Denning

I fucking hate cats.


Miss Madisson

I hate lords and people who are wankers.


Lord Denning

Hush now peasant and go polish my skinflute.



if you hate cats why are you looking at this post ‘Hiss’


Boh Dear

With the exception of the cat in the tie, this is the worst thing I’ve ever read/seen.

Better title for this ‘article’ would have been ‘Cats with Paperwork’.

I usually hate attacking LC but this is pretty shocking. Pictures of cats being disguised as an article is one thing but crap pictures of cats is a bridge too far.



Number 12 is a beautiful cat.

Love Josh’s Mummy xxxx



I agree.

Love Josh’s grandmother xxxx



Me too.

Love Josh’s great grandmother xx



This brightened up my day. More of this sort of stuff please.



The comments below the line here are pretty catty, eh?



PLEASE may we have dogs next time?


Bun's Wife

YAY! We want dogs, we want dogs!


Not Amused

LC should do a survey – I bet lawyers are more cat people


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