Charlotte Proudman leaves Twitter after relentless abuse from trolls

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Young sexism row barrister deactivates account


The junior barrister who shot to stardom after tweeting a screenshot of a senior lawyer’s sexist message has left Twitter after receiving unrelenting abuse from online trolls.

Charlotte Proudman, 27, hit the headlines worldwide in the autumn after she made public Brown Rudnick partner Alexander Carter Silk’s ill-judged private LinkedIn message to her in which he complimented her on her “stunning” profile photo.

As some instructing solicitors vowed never to instruct Proudman again, while others expressed support for her bravery, the Mansfield Chambers rookie leveraged her fledgling fame to write a host of articles for The Guardian about the lack of gender diversity in law while also appearing on the BBC‘s Newsnight and LBC Radio.

Meanwhile, her Twitter follower numbers shot up to over 7,000.

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However, as her prominence grew, Proudman came in for some vicious abuse from anonymous online trolls.

And after a flurry of tweets earlier this month she has deactivated her Twitter account.


The move comes as The Telegraph published a correction last week about its reporting on Proudman, apologising for, among other things, incorrect claims it had made about her relationship with her late grandmother. Friday’s edition of the newspaper contained this humbling statement:

An article of 11 Sept contained incorrect details about a communication sent by Charlotte Proudman to her paternal grandmother. We wish to make clear that the last contact Miss Proudman had with her grandmother was more than two years before her death — not ‘shortly before’, as the article stated — and that Miss Proudman did not accuse her grandmother of having “failed in life”. Nor had Miss Proudman ‘thought up’ her surname; she adopted her maternal family’s surname. Her grandmother in fact died in January 2014, not April 2014 as stated. Miss Proudman has also asked us to clarify that one estranged family member expressed anger to the media, not her whole family. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for the errors.

Proudman did not respond to Legal Cheek‘s request for comment.



Colossal fuckup by the Telegraph there. Does journalism even exist anymore?



The reality of the correction is sad: 1) not seen her grandmother for over two years and she passes with or without some kind of reconciliation 2) hostile family relations ……..I don’t 3) people discussing everything about you (appearance, poor judgment, media profile) except your actual practice of law



Attention seeking, deactivating twitter.

And the Telegraph article may have made the odd error on the exact detail, but the jist of the article was no doubt correct.

As every practitioner who has been on the wrong end of an opponent excluding evidence knows.



Yes. Deactivating a social media platform so you can’t be contacted is the very definition of attention seeking, you humongous waste of flesh.



You’re utterly clueless I’m afraid.

In deactivating her account, Proudfoot knew that she would generate media attention like this, and therefore more people talking about her.

Also, watch out for the account being reactivated in a couple of weeks.

You clueless cretin.



You’re right! I’ve just checked and this story is on the front page of The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun, the BBC and more besides.

Oh. No. Hang on. It’s here on this fairly obscure legal blog and, errrr, that seems to be it for now.

Tell me, is your mother proud her boy grew up to be a foaming, bitter troll who feels the need to hate women if they dare have an opinion?



Finding Charlotte Proudman irritating, shallow and thick =/= hating women.

I imagine your mother is deeply ashamed of the fact you appear to be stuck in remedial class.


You’re right. Charlotte is undoubtedly thick – I mean Cambridge and Harvard Law school let just anybody in.

And I’m sure your frothing hatred stops at just this one woman, and doesn’t extend to any other woman who dares have an opinion.

You’re making a fool of yourself, by the way.


Are you seriously trying to tell me there are no thick people at Cambridge? Seriously? You either have a lot of faith in admissions or have never been to Cambridge.

That’s before getting into the ease of postgraduate admissions.


Actually her principal degree was at Hull you’ll find – the rest of her record consists of meaningless accolades.


“Actually her principal degree was at Hull…” – o rly?


Are we actually deteriorating to your mum comments now?

What. A. Life.

Not Anonymous

This would be easier to follow if you weren’t both anonymous


oh do fuck off you bellend



Made me laugh!!



gist not jist


A. Barrister

Live by the sword, die by the sword.



What sword would that be, Clearly Not A Barrister?



Pork sword?



Whilst I feel sorry for Proudman, I agree with your sentiments. She should never have publicly aired her grievances in the way she did. There are some pathetic trolls on the internet with no lives, and they will never let this go. There was no need for her to handle things the way she did and now she is paying for this.






That was a stunning Twitter exit…



“viscous abuse” – far more interesting than viscious abuse






So will LC be shutting down now that its usual pipeline of stories is closed?


Lord Harley of Counsel

Of course not. I am still here.



“However, as her prominence grew, Proudman came in for some viscous abuse from anonymous online trolls.”

It’ll never stick.


Joey Barton




This is horrible. I don’t agree with how she handled the whole thing but to be bullied and abused in that way is just awful. We are all supposed to be grown-ups and we are all supposed to be dedicated to freedom of speech.



Her free speech was drivel, though.


Charlie Proudcockerage

Surely no-one these days can believe that if they opine on Twitter it will stimulate intellectual discourse – as opposed to ‘rable-rousing’, narcisstic nonsense…


Charlotte Proudfoot

Ah can’t hack it in the pooblic spess. From now on I will be creating a new pooblic spess, where no owners of phalluses arrrr permitted.


Viscount Dilhorne

But Charlotte, is it a ‘safe space’…?



Clearly lack of ownership of a brain has not stopped you contributing to this public space. Sadly.





Ms Charlotte Proudperson

This post has been removed because it breaches Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Not Amused

Oh dear. I do not know this person and I am not on Twitter but I am aware it can be used by angry people to display all sorts of bullying behaviour.

But just to check. So that I don’t accidentally do something hypocritical. Before I give this person sympathy. Can I just ask whether she herself has ever used Twitter in an attempt to hurt, embarrass or attack another human being?






I think it was a rhetorical question.



Charlotte only left Twitter because she was busy collecting the prestigious Glamorous Solicitor of the Year Award, which she won. She’ll be back in the public’s eye demanding for attention with an article in the Grauniad, this time accusing Cameron for “mansplaining” his new policy for teaching immigrant Muslim women English.



She isn’t a solicitor



She still won the award on rollonfriday



Plus young nick Hoult aka the lad out of about a boy



Shes puts out provocative statements and cries foul when she gets exactly the reaction she desired in the first place.

Her entire ’cause’ – or whatever you want to call Western feminism – is based largely on myths. You have the internet right at your fingertips so Google ‘gender gap myth’ and read what people who do real research have to say about it.

I’d far rather be called a whole host of names on the internet than have a woman to whom I tried to pay a compliment attempt to ruin my career.


Charlotte Proudman

This is about me.



“Shot to stardom” is a slight* exaggeration



Piers morgan

Attention seeker, wasn’t even stunning , probably wasn’t shown any attention as a kid so desperate for some now



She didn’t get into Harvard Law School. Charlotte was a visiting researcher for one semester; September – December 2015. Charlotte Proudman does not have alumni status from Harvard Law School / Harvard University.

It’s a shame Mx Proudman felt she had to leave Twitter. The abusive messages were completely uncalled for.


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