Daily Mail hate against lawyers reaches unprecedented levels

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National newspaper enraged by solicitors “hounding” of British troops


The Daily Mail’s anti-lawyer stance hit new heights today as a merciless attack on solicitors hit the front page.

The newspaper’s venom was directed at human rights firm Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) — which is currently being investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority regarding its involvement in the Al Sweady Inquiry.


The firm has indicated plans to submit 1,154 negligence suits against British troops on behalf of Iraqi claimants.

It is reported that PIL:

[W]ants to use the Human Rights Act to seek cash payouts for the alleged victims.

Unsurprisingly, the notoriously right-wing national newspaper didn’t take the news lying down.

The Daily Mail accused the firm of launching a “witch-hunt against our heroes” by “hounding British troops”. Framing the compensation claims as an attack on army personnel, the newspaper’s coverage also featured an emotive quote from Tory MP and former Army officer Bob Stewart about the impact these claims have on British soldiers. In a damning indictment of the legal process, he said:

Soldiers hate going to court. Some have told me before they would prefer to be under fire.

The newspaper was quick to point out that British troops are more often than not cleared of wrongdoing, in a scathing story on page four of today’s edition headlined, ‘Five years of lawyers sifting through abuse claims… and one guilty soldier’. And, of course, the newspaper noted that “the taxpayer will pick up the bill” for funding the claims.

The story has prompted a predictable backlash from angry Daily Mail readers.

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And, as ever, below the line on the Mail isn’t the place for high-level legal discussion — with this commenter who appears less than familiar with basic legal principles among the most popular contributors to today’s discussion.




And? Are the Daily Mail wrong? Are you going to offer any critical insight into the article or is that it?



Thank you.


Is this real life or is it Fanta Sea?

What a pile of sensationalist drivel, based on some inbred idiots’ comments. Is this the best that Ms King and LegalTurd can muster?

You’re just as bad as the DailyMail, publishing this click-bait tosh.



The real question is how many of the indicated “1,154 negligence suits” are against female soliders?


Kuzka's Mother

BREAKING NEWS the general public have a dim view of the legal profession. You’d have thought that the Simpsons would’ve made fun of this by n- oh, right.



The Daily Mail suffers from the most chronic case of verbal projectile diarrhoea you could ever hope not to see.



Taking a photo of a newspaper on your phone and republishing it as fresh news… All the President’s Men it ain’t…



Katie should be given some credit for her restraint in not finding a tenuous link to Charlotte Proudman, as usual.


Bleedin' obvious

Your surprised that in the opinion of the public lawyers are scum? How unfair! Just because some of them make a living defending child molestors and rapists doesn’t make them bad people.



For once they have a point.



As a society we need to stop the cancerous legal system we have. These people are disgusting, we need a national campaign to stop these parasites.
Legal motto no such thing as a bad person just good clients


Anonymous is a F***wit

Yes. Let’s stop the legal system. Just stop it dead in its evil cancerous tracks, causing cancer like what it does, for goodness’ sake! Close all the courts, sack all the judges and lawyers, tear up all the contracts, and burn all the vellum rolls! Then we’ll be free of this evil! It’s a clever argument, certainly, and well thought-through. Well done, Anonymous, for your erudite and learned comment!


Viscount Dilhorne

If Martyn Day wants to act for all these nice innocent Iraqi folk let him open an office in downtown Baghdad, and sue in the local Sharia Court.


Lord Lyle

What happened to court martials?



‘Courts martial’, surely?


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