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Two wrongs don’t make a copyright — how I took on the Daily Mail and won

Oxford University grad Louis Geary sued the newspaper giant after it published his naked calendar photos without permission

Feb 28 2018 11:50am

The Daily Mail went on a crazy anti-lawyer rampage this weekend

Newspaper’s tirade included telling profession it should apologise for Phil Shiner

Feb 13 2017 11:34am

Dechert partner wages Instagram war on mainstream media over ‘Mrs Clegg’ slur

Top City lawyer accuses the Daily Mail of ‘abuse’ and posting ‘fake news’

Feb 9 2017 1:26pm

Gina Miller warned she’ll be the ‘next Jo Cox’ as she admits she doesn’t use public transport and has panic buttons in her home

Reveals concerns about safety in same week parliament will debate Article 50 bill

Jan 30 2017 12:44pm

‘Law has become a massive gravy train’: Tabloid newspaper kicks off 2017 with a scathing anti-lawyer article

Seems the Daily Mail hasn't made a 'be nicer to the legal profession' resolution

Jan 3 2017 12:40pm

Top criminal law professor’s tweet calling out Daily Mail Jo Cox headline goes viral

Tabloid reporting branded ‘disgusting’ by Twitterati

Nov 25 2016 9:32am

Head of Durham Law School says Brexit will never happen

Daily Mail readers furious

Aug 30 2016 11:28am

Lawyers jump to Amal Clooney’s defence after she’s ripped to shreds by national press

Barristers: 1, “Well-known human rights experts” at the Daily Mail: 0

May 23 2016 12:02pm

Daily Mail hate against lawyers reaches unprecedented levels

National newspaper enraged by solicitors “hounding” of British troops

Jan 11 2016 3:11pm

The most mixed metaphor used to insult lawyers ever?

Last week’s piece in the Daily Mail about the top earning legal aid lawyers –...

Jun 12 2013 1:01pm

Happy Birthday: Legal Cheek Is One

A year ago today we launched with this post from Android. Since then, the site...

Oct 24 2012 2:42pm

End Of The Day Round-Up

BPP Law School Bar Professional Training Course graduate suing Asda for £15K after its security...

Sep 28 2012 4:33pm

Morning Round-Up: Friday 21 September

Divorce? No, this lawyer v lawyer spat was an Armageddon of aggression [Jan Moir in...

Sep 21 2012 8:21am

Tweeting Like It’s 1984: Why Police’s Bright Idea To Ban Anonymous Bloggers Could Herald Orwellian Dystopia

Imagine a world where everything you say and write is stored indefinitely and attributable to...

Aug 17 2012 9:46am

Anthony Arlidge QC, 75, Ditches Judge Constance Briscoe For Wannabe Barrister, 27

In his recently relinquished role of Master of Entertainments at Middle Temple, Anthony Arlidge QC...

Aug 7 2012 10:07am

Morning Round-Up: Thursday 19 July

Pannone plans major recruitment push – Manchester Evening News Law firm Dundas and Wilson sets...

Jul 19 2012 8:23am

Morning Round-Up: Monday 21 May

Lawyers ‘told doctors to exaggerate crash injuries’ – The Telegraph Citizens Advice Bureau launches probe...

May 21 2012 8:22am