David Bowie used to be a paralegal based near Lincoln’s Inn

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By Thomas Connelly on

British music legend sadly passed away yesterday after 18-month battle with cancer


As social media pays tribute to the passing of legendary British musician David Bowie, it has emerged that he spent a year working as a lacky in legal London.

According to several fan sites, David Bowie used to work at litigation support firm Legastat Limited. Needing a little extra cash, the star spent 1968 doing document review-style tasks for the firm that is still based on Carey Street, just a stone’s throw from Lincoln’s Inn and the Royal Courts of Justice.

Indeed, Hardwicke barrister PJ Kirby flagged up this interesting titbit of information back in 2013.

Brought to Legal Cheek’s attention today by legal affairs commentator and Twitter heavyweight David Allen Green, it would mean that Bowie was — for all intents and purposes — a paralegal.

The Brixton born star, whose real name was David Jones, passed away yesterday evening after an 18-month battle with cancer.