David Bowie used to be a paralegal based near Lincoln’s Inn

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British music legend sadly passed away yesterday after 18-month battle with cancer


As social media pays tribute to the passing of legendary British musician David Bowie, it has emerged that he spent a year working as a lacky in legal London.

According to several fan sites, David Bowie used to work at litigation support firm Legastat Limited. Needing a little extra cash, the star spent 1968 doing document review-style tasks for the firm that is still based on Carey Street, just a stone’s throw from Lincoln’s Inn and the Royal Courts of Justice.

Indeed, Hardwicke barrister PJ Kirby flagged up this interesting titbit of information back in 2013.

Brought to Legal Cheek’s attention today by legal affairs commentator and Twitter heavyweight David Allen Green, it would mean that Bowie was — for all intents and purposes — a paralegal.

The Brixton born star, whose real name was David Jones, passed away yesterday evening after an 18-month battle with cancer.


Boh Dear

“For all intensive purposes”


Boh Dear

Good to see you changed that before the other hyenas got wind of it 😉


Gus the Snedger

That’s what happens when you use dick tation soft wear.



Really LC? If there’s no legal news why write?



This rag is going straight down the shitter.



What’s so bad about this article? It’s an interesting, topical bit of information.

Sure, it’s just one tiny part of an obit; but it’s magnified for a legal site…because it relates to legal work.



It is what it is.

Think of us lowly marketing agents who need this sort of blib blab to post on Facebook.



The message for paralegals is clear. Don’t be Aladdin Sane: bin the law and do something more interesting.



So…Criminal Barristers are viewed as “Rock Stars” for this reason?



Well, I for one, am glad of this article. LC can only do legal news, you bozos, and this is the biggest news story today. And, actually, if DB was a paralegal, that is a good LC angle.

So fly away 20 somethings



Because someone has a mind that takes in other worldly matters



.. working as a lacky ..
I suggest that the word is better spelt as “lackey”.
The word lacky has a slightly different meaning in the Urban Dictionary.


Maurice Maitland

Alas, legal photocopy clerking up to half a century ago does not equate with ‘paralegalling’ in 2015/6, partly because there was no such term in the UK vs. the US in the Swinging Sixties when, pre-Internet, legal secretaries, legal execs, postal messengers and despatch riders abounded. Nor, back then, were there document review-type tasks carried out by said future Ziggy Stardust, nor were there prolix court cases calling for bundling of up to 150 lever-arch files to be trolleyed across Carey Street into the High Court on the Strand. The commentators who are perpetuating these myths cannot have been around Lincoln’s Inn Archway ‘at all material times’.


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