Law-themed cakes sweep the country as the Great Legal Bake proves a hit

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Who said lawyers weren’t creative?


The legal profession’s answer to the Great British Bake Off is happening this week — and it’s making us really hungry.

The Great Legal Bake is a charity initiative pioneered by The London Legal Support Trust, the same guys that brought us the London Legal Walk. The idea is simple — bake some cakes, sell them, then give the money to a legal advice charity.

Entries began trickling in at the beginning of the week, with this UK Supreme Court-inspired work of art — featuring all 12 justices — a particular highlight.

We also enjoyed this scales of justice-themed creation.

But the fundraiser really kicked off on Wednesday, when we were treated to some of the most creative law-themed cakes Legal Cheek has ever seen.

Making law-themed cakes definitely isn’t new or novel, and it’s great that the charity has managed to capitalise on this ever-growing trend. After a quick Instagram scour, we were surprised at how much of a thing ‘law cakes’ actually is.

Just have a look at some of the great pics we found.

Law Books Cake #lawcake #bitemebaking #nanaimo #nanaimocake

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Good luck in Law School 👏🏽💼 #LawCake #LawGraduateCake #LawyerCake #GavelCake #TorontoCakes #CakesByShivy

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#lawyercake #cakedecorada #lawcake #Dulcetentación

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We are equally impressed as we are hungry.


Lethargic Bystander

What’s with all the gavels?


Bored Solicitor

Clearly there is growth in auctioneer/law firms tie ups on the rise in light of the ABS reforms.


Charlotte P

The second cake represents the legal profession. White. Male.



The cake has the twelve justices of the supreme court on it. Lady Hale, distinguishable by her Supreme Court hat.



Patah ceak patah ceak beakers mon

Beak me a ceak as fast as you cun.


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