Law-themed cakes sweep the country as the Great Legal Bake proves a hit

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Who said lawyers weren’t creative?


The legal profession’s answer to the Great British Bake Off is happening this week — and it’s making us really hungry.

The Great Legal Bake is a charity initiative pioneered by The London Legal Support Trust, the same guys that brought us the London Legal Walk. The idea is simple — bake some cakes, sell them, then give the money to a legal advice charity.

Entries began trickling in at the beginning of the week, with this UK Supreme Court-inspired work of art — featuring all 12 justices — a particular highlight.

We also enjoyed this scales of justice-themed creation.

But the fundraiser really kicked off on Wednesday, when we were treated to some of the most creative law-themed cakes Legal Cheek has ever seen.

Making law-themed cakes definitely isn’t new or novel, and it’s great that the charity has managed to capitalise on this ever-growing trend. After a quick Instagram scour, we were surprised at how much of a thing ‘law cakes’ actually is.

Just have a look at some of the great pics we found.

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We are equally impressed as we are hungry.