It hasn’t been an easy start to the year for law students — and they want you to know all about it

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Law students just find it impossible to believe that their friends have it even half as bad as they do.

And they like to let the world know about it — using the famous hashtag #LawStudentProblems of course.

Let’s have a look at some of the trials and tribulations that have been affecting the law student masses so far this year.

Living for the law fair so I can stock up on free highlighters

Thanks for my QC appointment, I really appreciate it

Law students are quite lazy, really

The defendant is not not not not liable


I need air, not more EU case names to learn

Is there a casual link between the defendant’s action and the harm done?

If it’s more than two pages long, it’s a book not an article

Vote in

No time for that

Law > food

Even predictive text is at it

We’ve all been there

Just trying to enjoy a nice family trip to the cinema, but can’t stop thinking about law


Maybe if I stay on the floor long enough I’ll get a first

Public law problems

Know the entire rap to Fergalicious, don’t know the difference between a trust and a power

Definitely not studying

Getting hands on

Maybe if I sleep on my contract law notes, the cases will go into my brain

Family law you’re ruining my commute

Step one done. Please don’t make me do step two

Please just answer my question and let me go home


Why would you do that?

Books are pretty expensive nowadays…