Lawyers one of the most right-swiped professions on Tinder

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Tinderellas ❤ male lawyers


Single lawyers fear not — new research has revealed that lawyers are amongst the most likely professions to bag themselves a match on Tinder.

For the past three months, users of the hook-up app have been able to add their education and job title to their profile. Tinder has been analysing the data to find out which professions are the most right-swiped, and it’s good news for male lawyers.

In the men’s ranks, lawyers came in as the 11th most popular profession. Though some way behind pilots, entrepreneurs and firefighters — who came in at first, second and third place respectively — lawyers did come in higher than the likes of personal trainers and police officers, typically attractive job titles.

Female lawyers didn’t do so well however, failing to feature in the top 15 (which was topped by physical therapists). They were pipped to the post by the likes of speech language pathologists and real estate agents.

The data does come from across the pond, so has to be taken with a pinch of salt. But we reckon UK lawyers are just as irresistible. Just take a look at these barristers and solicitors.



Don’t put that you’re a barrister unless you want a lot of questions about making coffee.



Neither would putting “solicitor” as your title do you any good. Prostitutes solicit a lot too.



I use “married city lawyer” or “top QC”. Waterloo station is my preferred meeting place.



The bogs at Waterloo are great for saucy saucy back door action.


Barrister bantah machine brrrrrap

I demand a breakdown between barrister and solicitor. I think we all know who the winner would be.



Barristers are better looking than solicitors.



“…They were pipped to the post by the likes of … real estate agents”

That’s not good news. I usually say I’m an estate agent, so as to avoid having to give the free legal advice usually demanded when you admit you’re a lawyer. It works a treat, smiles rapidly vanish and the conversation dries up at once.


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