Lawyers with brilliant names you just couldn’t make up

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By Katie King on

From Cinderela and beyond


The legal Twitterati have been tickled pink this week with news that there is an actual, real life judge called Cinderela Guevara.

A mix between a classic Disney princess and an Argentine revolutionary, no one can deny that it’s a great name. But this got us thinking — is Cinderela Guevara the best lawyer name in the world, or are there better?

We got digging, and found some more gems.

1. Sue Yoo


There is apparently a Sue Mee as well, who — believe it or not — is married to a banker called Rob Mee.

2. Michael Gove


This American attorney was chosen as a Massachusetts Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2015, a prestigious accolade he’s won three times now.

3. Saul Goodman


Yes, really.

4. Willy Bach


UK barrister and lord, Willy Bach has a lot to show for himself. A normal name isn’t one of them.

5. Dick Strong


Sometimes in life it’s best just to go with your full name and call yourself Richard.

6. Harry Potter


A criminal barrister. A Cambridge grad. A wizard’s name. There’s nothing not to like here.

7. Jack Daniels


A trial lawyer and mediator, you’ll find this keen poker player taking client enquiries in California (not Tennessee unfortunately).

8. Justin Bieber


Not quite as fresh faced as his Canadian namesake, Justin M. Bieber is the founder of Philadelphia based personal injury firm J. Bieber Law. We wonder if he’s a belieber.

9. Hubert Legal


The best example of nominative determinism since Lord Judge retired.