Two leading legal commentators aren’t being very nice about the president of the Supreme Court

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Lawyers take aim at Lord Neuberger’s constitutional law know-how


You can always count on the legal Twitterati to speak up when they see something they don’t agree with, and last week it was Lord Neuberger fueling their fire.

Lawyers David Allen Green and Carl Gardner — two of the most prominent presences in the legal Twittersphere — took to social media on Friday to take a swipe at the president of the Supreme Court, calling him out on his apparent lack of constitutional law knowledge.

It all started when Green accused Neuberger of “trolling us”, by suggesting that the UK has “no constitution”, just “constitutional conventions”.

He then asked former government lawyer Gardner — who has long taken exception to Neuberger’s constitutional law know-how — to get involved in the spat.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gardner duly accepted and the pair continued to take swipes at Neuberger’s position in a series of tweets, tagging the official Supreme Court account in all of them.

When Green asked the fellow blogger whether he thinks Neuberger is “wrong on constitution law”, Gardner rose to the challenge and replied “course he is”. He even went as far as to describe two of the Oxford educated justice’s most prolific judgments — Evans and Nicklinson — as “hopeless”.

It clearly isn’t just Green and Gardner — both of whom regularly blog on public law developments — that have strong views on the justice’s impression of the UK constitution. A number of other prolific lawyers jumped on board, some being less than sympathetic to Neuberger and his approach.

Update 12:31pm Tuesday 1 March — David Allen Green has posted a blog going into more detail about the views expressed in the tweets: ‘The Provocative President of the Supreme Court’.