Bar Council steps up efforts to stamp out sexual harassment in wake of ‘unacceptable behaviour’ suffered by some barristers

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Guide issued to ensure chambers properly handle allegations of harassment


The Bar Council has issued new guidance to clampdown on what it describes as “residual” sexual harassment, following a report released last summer revealing “unacceptable behaviour” on the part of some of its male members.

The report hit the headlines in 2015, with one anonymous second-six pupil recalling the time her supervisor told her she looked “quite fuckable”, and another barrister describing the moment she “got a hand” down the back of her trousers.

As well as practical guidance, the 10-page document also includes tips and case study scenarios. In one scenario, readers are asked to consider a situation where a male barrister attempts to “aggressively” kiss a female member of staff at a chambers’ party and, in another, a pupil reveals her supervisor is sexually harassing her.

The new guidance also offers advice on encouraging self-reporting of sexual harassment to the bar’s regulator, the Bar Standards Board.

Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC, chairman of the bar, said:

We have a clear road map on what Bar Council, as the profession’s representative body, can do to better support barristers and it is time to take action. This guide is another step in a series of support tools that the Bar Council is leading on.

Read the guidance in full below:

Dealing With Sexual Harassment in Chambers December 2015



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“Guide issued to insure chambers properly handle allegations of harassment”

Where can I take out my Sexual Harassment Insurance Policy LC?



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The only insult in being told you are “quite fuckable” is in not being told you are “very fuckable”.



Insult or otherwise, do women deserve to be judged based upon their supervisor’s base sexual instincts?



Now hopefully they’ll show true commitment to ethical behaviour by dealing with QCs who manipulate the CJS to claim anonymity for apparently consensual activity


Lord Lyle of the Isles

I never really received any sexual harassment or serious injury from females , as I took prophylactic measures, such as CCTV and other audio video recording precautions.

Women were never allowed alone with me without said measures or security present.

That said, security had to restrain females on numerous occasions for violent assault. Sadly we have heard of the murder of the solicitor Mr Edwards by the psychopathic necrophile Sharon Edwards. I had quite a few of them.

Why is the bar silent on this egregious problem?


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