Cheeky tenants add unexpected birthday cake contract clause into their lease

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By Katie King on

Was it the work of sneaky law students?


Two mischievous tenants have taken the Internet by storm this week by making an unwittingly brilliant amendment to their rental lease agreement.

The pair were sent over a copy of the contract by their landlord and — instead of signing it in its original form — decided to sneak in clause 16, which reads:

Lessor shall provide birthday cake for Lessee(s) in the weekend closest to their birthdays, which are June 7 and February 17. Vanilla cake is not acceptable.

And the landlord signed it.

The lease (pictured below) went viral after it was posted on image sharing site Imgur — by a user who goes by GloriousGherkins — late last week. They boast:

My lease came as a Word file instead of PDF. I made a slight change before signing it.


The identity of the crafty tenants is unknown, but we’re hoping it was the work of two switched on land law students.