‘Drunk’ solicitor inadvertently becomes TV star after using work email to abuse comedian

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By Thomas Connelly on

“You’re sh*t”


A comedian has recalled the moment he received an abusive message from someone using a law firm email address while apparently under the influence of alcohol.

Joe Lycett — who was appearing on popular TV show 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown last week — described how he had received “feedback” from one ‘fan’.

The viewer, whose name Lycett says has been changed to ‘Brian’ for legal reasons, sent a drunken email to the funnyman describing his previous appearance on the show as “shit” and referring to him as a “dick”.

Sharing a redacted version of the email (pictured below) with millions of Channel 4 viewers, Lycett revealed that Brian had — due to being a little tipsy — accidentally sent the abusive message using his work email address. And it would appear, according to the email sign off at least, that our mysterious Brian works for a firm of solicitors based in Burnley.


Redacting the law firm’s name to save Brian’s blushes, Lycett responds to the email by thanking him for his constructive “feedback”. He also arranges for a signed photograph of fellow comedian Jimmy Carr to be sent to Brian’s law firm.


Having sobered up, Brian quickly responds to the comedian’s email, explaining that he was drunk and that he didn’t want to receive any “stuff” at his workplace.


Continuing to wind-up Brian, Lycett sends another email and photograph.


Once again, Brian — who we are assuming is a solicitor — responds to the comedian, begging him to stop sending things to his office.


Concerned that he might lose his job, Brian sends another email, this time a little more aggressive in tone telling the comedian to stop.


In a final twist, Lycett tells Brian that having considered the environment — a reference to the law firm email sign-off — he has printed off the emails and posted them to his boss.


Brian’s final response was fairly understandable.


Watch the full exchange below:

Lead image via Channel 4