Nottingham law student Twitter and Instagram feeds flooded with abuse after she posts cheeky snap with Gaz from Geordie Shore

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By Katie King on

Charlotte not at all happy


A Nottingham Trent law student, Vicky Marriott, rubbed an army of Geordie Shore fans up the wrong way when she posted a photo of Gaz Beadle appearing to squeeze her bum online.

Though it may just look like a harmless fan photo (pictured above), the Miss Nottingham runner-up also claimed that Beadle invited her back to his hotel — an invitation which Marriott, who is in a relationship, says that she declined.

Regardless, the cheeky bum grab in Nottingham Oceana was enough to rile Beadle’s on-off girlfriend Charlotte Crosby. The Tab reports that the Celebrity Big Brother winner messaged the law soc treasurer on Instagram — where the snap was posted — asking “did he actually ask you back?!”


And it’s not just Crosby whose feathers have been ruffled. The second year has reportedly been inundated with nasty messages from Geordie Shore fans, some of who have called her “an attention seeking slag”. This stream of abuse has forced her to set her account to private. Her Twitter remains open, however, where she has defended herself.