Life as a law student as seen through Snapchat

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By Katie King on

5am study sessions, barrister rubber ducks and some other things


Legal Cheek has relaunched its Snapchat — and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s shared their great pictures with us

Your snaps have confirmed a few things for us: lawyers like to moan about law, there are a lot of stressed law students out there, and everyone loves law fair freebies.

But you’ve also taught us a thing or two — we were so excited about the barrister rubber ducks, we decided to buy one for our office.

Here are eight of our favourite snaps:

1. We love a good law firm freebie

We’re just not too sure the staff at Asda are so keen.


2. Magistrates Court Sentencing Guidelines > sleep


3. It’s not just us Brits swapping sleep for 5am study sessions

Our law student friends over at Oakland University, Michigan are at it as well.


4. The countdown to dreaded law school exams begins…


5. That’s the spirit


6. Rubber ducks dressed as barristers

The perfect mid-bubble bath reminder that you still have 60 more case names to learn.


7. Stick to law


8. Potato history

At least a potato wouldn’t try to dispose of an equitable interest without satisfying the requirement of writing.


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