Morning round-up: Wednesday 2 March

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


EU’s Schengen members urged to lift border checks to save passport-free zone [The Guardian]

Snoopers’ charter: Police given new powers to hack into phones and computers for ‘routine investigations’ [The Telegraph]

The snooper’s charter shows the government’s total contempt for privacy [The Guardian]

MPs told Theresa May to add a privacy section to the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, so she changed a heading [BuzzFeed]

Tax barrister Jolyon Maugham: George Osborne claims cutting the top rate of tax raised £8bn. It actually cost the country £2.4bn — and here’s how [The Independent]

Prison reform possible without reducing inmate numbers, says Gove [The Guardian]

EU referendum: would Brexit destroy the Premier League? [The Week]

UK and Sweden set “dangerous precedent” with Assange treatment [Newsweek]

A right to housing should be part of UK law [The Guardian]

iFought the law: Apple wins legal victory in battle to stop cops accessing crims’ iPhones [The Mirror]

LSE is hosting a ‘Trans in the Criminal Justice System’ debate with top lawyers on Saturday [Eventbrite]

“Surely this is a joke? The letter is unprofessional (badly formatted, inarticulate, oversaturated with colloquialisms) and they refer to the firm with an “&”?” [Legal Cheek Comments]