Job seeker bags interview with Slaughter and May after sending two packets of Haribo

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By Thomas Connelly on

Sweet-filled CV and cover letter was addressed to the elite firm’s head of marketing


A job seeker has bagged an interview with elite magic circle outfit Slaughter and May after sending their head of marketing two packets of Haribo.

The imaginative job seeker, who isn’t named, attached two packets of the popular sweetie treat to their speculative application, to ensure it landed safely on the desk of Mary-Anne Anderson.

Anderson, who is head of marketing at Slaughter and May, posted an image of the letter (pictured below) and sweets on her LinkedIn page. The post — which has since gone viral with almost 3000 likes — praised the job seeker’s resourcefulness, with Anderson commenting:

“This is how to send your CV in and get it noticed. High fives to knowing who the gatekeepers are and getting this onto my desk. And now for the interview…”

Addressing the cover letter to the “Secretary of Ms Anderson,” the anonymous job hunter kicks things off by apologising for not referring to the secretary by name. Claiming that Google was unable to help, the applicant adds: “I’m sure you have a lovely name though.”


The letter explains that the sweeties are to ensure the CV reaches Anderson’s desk safely.

The author even takes time to explain how best to enjoy the Haribo, saying:

I would recommend that you eat the Tangfastics packet after the Starmix packet, because otherwise the sourness of the former will not allow you to savour the real sweetness of the latter. Enjoy!

Taking to Twitter, Anderson confirmed that there while there wasn’t an “opening” at the firm, a meeting with the job seeker would take place later this week.

Anderson’s post has since received a flurry of comments. One LinkedIn user described how this could be “considered a bribe”, while another chipped in claiming the job seeker couldn’t be “bothered to research” the firm properly, so stuck a bag of sweets in instead.

However, Legal Cheek is a little surprised that the job seeker has managed to bag a face-to-face meeting.

After all, shouldn’t a wannabe lawyer get the name of the firm right? As every dedicated Haribo fan knows (don’t they?), “Slaughter & May” is not to be confused with the elite City firm known, correctly, as Slaughter and May. A Tangfastic error, sweetened only by the Starmix.